Nikita Season 3: A Toss Up Between Renewal and Cancellation

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May 3, 2012

“In Nikita season 3, I would hope that after season 2 there would be not demons that are taken care of, but demons that at least are recognized.” — a quote from Nikita star Maggie Q. herself in an interview from a blog in Zap2It about Nikita season 3.

The CW’s jampacked action series received a “safe bet” prediction from TV Line based on its January 2012 Renewal Scorecard. However, based on my further research, the show has been vacillating from “low” to “steady” the last four months — which rationally explains the toss up prediction of TV by the numbers on its April 17th article. “Toss up” means that there’s a 50-50 chance that the show will be on the chopping block or if lucky, renewed for season 3.

Nielsen charted a steady rating with 1.32 million viewers (matching its series low demo).

Although the ratings of the show is not up to par, fans feel otherwise. Garnering from Nikita’s fan-base worldwide, only a cynic would say that the show doesn’t deserve a chance (atleast for another season).

Some supporters even declared that Nikita is one of CW’s worth-watching entertainment together with Vampire Diaries in contrary to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer — which they considered “dull”. But why just the “steady” ratings? Some fans noted that the timeslot is actually the one responsible for the show’s insufficient number of viewers, making them turn on the very reliable internet to tune in into their favorite CW action-drama.

That’s all we have for now, hopefully more news to come this May. To continue receiving updates about Nikita’s possible renewal for season 3, feel free to check the site regularly.

In the meantime, please allow your thoughts to be heard. Express your support for Nikita. Hit our comment box below!

  • Uowemeone69

    Nikita is a really good show i love it and i even got my son watchin it…y do they always want to cancel the good shows and leave on the ones that the teenagers watch…plz renew Nikita for season 3…. 

  • Jessica

    It’s like drug to me. If they stop Nikita I will be very upset with CW. Best show ever and the actors have been well chosen. Keep it up.

  • Vivian

    Getting more exciting each week. Keep Nikita Going!!

  • Nancy!

    I love NIKITA! It’s an amazing show and I only watch three shows on a weekly basis. I wish I had cable to boast the ratings but I watch them online. Please everyone have positive thoughts and there will be a season 3. They can not leave me hanging with that season finale!

  • Lucygaines11

    There has to be a season 3 its amazing!!

  • Yehan

    keep nikita going…. i love this show…

  • Yehananthehow

    nikita season 3,….. please…..


    I just love it , can’t wait to watch new season. In UK I have to watch it  online IT;S ONE OF THE BEST SHOWES.

  • dsa

    nikita 3 it’s ok!

  • Stephanie Jo Rehayem


  • Pollyruiz12

    I started watching Nikita on Netflix as well and was hooked! I love this show, its the only show I actually watch and look forward to watching.  I really want to see this show next season!

  • Donwazybinto

    cant wait to watch season three of nikita

  • guest

    Since the Secret Circle has been cancelled, they should put it back into it’s Thursday night timeslot   right after The Vampire Diaries.  They should have never moved it in the first place.  It is definitely worth keeping.

  • Grace

    Love Nikita !!!!!!!

  • Grace

    Love Nikita !!!!!!!

  • Dumplinghead

    What a great show, but may a bit before its time, or too late…. something like Star Trek. In light of 9-11, it may be hard for many Americans to think that our country cannot do anything wrong, so they may not be attracted to Nikita. So, it may have have better to time this show closer to the VietNam War period, when Americans were not so gun-ho about America.

  • nitrox peter

    Am from Zimbabwe and i love NIKITA