'Nikita' Season 2 New Theme, New Characters, And More

'Nikita' Season 2 New Theme, New Characters, And More

Keep reading for some spoilers on the season 2 theme and the new characters introduced in the new season of 'Nikita'.

  • TVLine revealed that Dillon Casey has been cast to play Sean Pierce, a handsome, upstanding Special Forces commander, who is assigned by Oversight to observe and report on Division's dealings. He will also be on a mission to recover Percy's black boxes and will be a new love interest for Alex, as well as Nikita's nemesis.
  • Creator Craig Silverstein says,

    "We’re going to see an Alex and Nikita fight early on [in Season 2], which we really haven’t seen before.”

    The competition will be “very emotionally driven,” Silverstein added, teasing a“super rocky” journey that, just like last season, "ends in a place totally different from where it begins."

  • Season two theme? Home, Silverstein said.

    “We’ve talked about the idea that every character is searching for home in their own way. Alex is trying to get back to the home that was due to her. Nikita is trying to find a home that she never had. Percy is trying to get back to home.”

  • Owen (Devon Sawa) will return, "funded by a mysterious source," Silverstein said.
  • We might meet Alex's mother.
  • We'll see flashbacks to the early days of Division.
  • Silverstein says ,

    “Percy has been banished to probably the coolest set we’ve built yet and he'll be plotting his revenge.”

  • As for Amanda?

    "She’s trying to clean up Percy’s mess. She’s trying to turn Division into a more principled place."

  • Maggie Q tells E!Online,

    "Nikita needs love. So there's going to be that. And we are going to finally see some backstory on her because we were actually able to avoid that in the first season. In the second season we're going to get into it and it's going to be really fun. I mean the stuff that they have planned is great."

  • Here's what Shane West (Michael) has to say about showrunner Craig Siverstein's plan not to give Mikita a 'happy-ending' in season two.

    “He wants to create friction for them and gut them, then make them happy, and then gut them again. That’s his plan. It’s very easy to bring two people together, and it’s very hard to pull them apart. Having these two characters together now is going to be difficult.”

  • And about bringing in two new characters (a male and female) to shake up Mikita's relationship, West jokes,

    “I’ll take the guy, you take the girl.”

  • Maggie Q (Nikita) revealed that Nikita and Michael

    "are going to be a bit nomadic. They’re two people who are high on people’s radar. It’s going to be hard to have another lair.”

  • In episode 5, we'll meet a blast from Michael's past. According to the EW spoiler room, we learn from some flashbacks that she's smart, sexy, and

    "…the first lady of a nation whose president Michael is tasked with canceling. I never said it was simple..."

Do you think season 2 will be as kick ass as season 1?

Source: TV Fanatic, TVLine