'Nikita' Season 2 Interview With Showrunner

'Nikita' Season 2 Interview With Showrunner

TVLine spoke with Nikita's showrunner, Craig Silverstein after the season 1 finale to see what his plans are for season 2.

  • The beginning of season 2 will show the fate of Percy (Xander Berkeley) and the whole idea of Amanda (Melinda Clarke) taking over Division will become more clear.
  • There's definitely a relevant spot for Percy in season 2 (sadly we're not getting rid of him that easily). Silverstein says,

    "There’s a whole journey for Percy to go on, but the plan was never for him to get killed. It was actually to put a finer point on what really happened to him. You would have seen that Amanda pulled the rug out from under him, and we weren’t actually able to show that. But we will. I want to put Percy through his paces; strip him down and work him back up again."

  • Division will undergo a bit of a change now that Amanda is in charge.
  • He explains that Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca)
    "won't work for a Division that's doing outright evil things. Like she said in the finale, she’s got a new target. She wants to take back the empire that her father had left for her, and that empire is tied into Gogol, as we’ll find out, so she’s going to need Division’s resources to help her."
  • He continues

    "It’s not like Alex hates Nikita (Maggie Q) and wants to kill her, but her [arrangement] with Amanda will be: You help us catch Nikita and stop this crusade that she’s on, and we’ll help you get back your birthright."

  • Mikita's plan for next season is to see them on the run.
  • As for Mikita, something will get in their way next season. It won't happen right away but it'll build up to it. There are a lot of new paradigms in season 2.
  • There are a couple of new characters that will be introduced. A man and a woman. And they will probably get in the way of Mikita (love-triangle? love-square?).
  • As for Ryan (Noah Bean), he's going to be put in a maximum security prison because what he did for Nikita will look like treason. Silverstein explains,

    "Nikita made a promise to break him out and the CIA knows that she made it, so they’re waiting for that. It’s going to be tough, but she always follows through on her promises."

  • About Devon Sawa's character Owen, he mentions that he

    "definitely want him to come back"

  • Birkhoff (Aarom Stanford) will definitely be back next season but no news on what will happen to him.
  • Silverstein describes the Season 2 theme as
    "It’s Michael and Nikita righting wrongs, as Alex heads from right towards wrong". 

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