'Nikita' Season 2 Interview With Lyndsy Fonseca

'Nikita' Season 2 Interview With Lyndsy Fonseca

Check out this interview with Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) for some spoilers on what's coming up for Alex on Nikita in season 2!

"I think there was a lot of worry this season about 'Oh my God, Alex is turning evil, Alex is on the bad side,' and it's really not that at all. It's kind of the unfortunate situation they're in right now. There's still a lot of love, there's still a lot of hate. There are moments in the next few episodes where Nikita tries to help Alex, and there's moments where Alex warns Nikita about things."

  • Alex also has more urgent matters on her mind besides Nikita (Maggie Q). Finding out more about how her parents died has lit Alex's vengeance-seeking fires, and in tonight's episode, she takes another calculated step toward reclaiming her birthright, her father's company, Zetrov. Fonseca says,

"She tries to get the spokesman, the public figure of Zetrov, from a lead that Amanda has given her. She's kind of playing a part, pretending to be somebody else. It's definitely progress, but unfortunately there's a huge consequence to be paid when she does try and get this guy."

  • Fonseca teases that in an upcoming episode,

"Amanda (Melinda Clarke) does something so horrific to Alex with someone that she really loves and cares about, and that it really changes the relationship between them. Because of that, Alex is going to have to trust Percy (Xander Berkeley) a little bit more. We're going to figure out what that might mean."

  • Having faith in Percy, however, isn't always the most prudent course. Fonseca says,

"You never want to trust Percy. When you do, you know you're at the end of your rope. When I play Alex, I know not to trust him. I know that there's consequences to doing things that he asks, but it's hard to be five steps ahead of Percy. I think that he's kind of building his secret way of breaking out."

  • Fonseca's thoughts on 'Olex',

"The 'Olex' thing is just shocking and funny to me. I love that fans are so into the show enough to develop a love interest between two people who have never even met on the show. I don't even know if they'll ever meet. I hope that the writers -- and I have mentioned it to them as well -- give the fans what they want. Maybe there could be some cool Sean/Alex/Owen triangle or something! Devon [Sawa] and I always laugh about it whenever we see each other."

  • In the meantime, it's no secret that the show's setting Sean (Dillon Casey) up as a romantic interest for Alex, but so far, after being betrayed by everyone, she's not feeling generous, much less romantic. Fonseca explains,

"In the beginning of the season, she's just really irritated by this guy, what with a lot of people breathing down her neck and pulling her in a lot of different ways. She doesn't need another person telling her what's right and wrong. So I think she's a bit defensive about him and feels like he's just there to question who she is in a way that's not really helping her. There's definitely no liking going on right now. I think the big shift comes in Episode 8, but it's a slow development. They have moments when they are put in life and death situations where they're forced to come together to survive it. I think that you'll get to be surprised by Sean. There's a lot of Boy Scout, 'I'm a perfect guy and I do the right thing,' black-and-white mentality that he has that Alex really doesn't understand or like. Then he starts to show that bit of a grey area in his ideas toward Division."

Fonseca shares with TV Line what fans can look forward to with the Alex and Sean relationship.

"People will be happy that Sean is not just on the show for an Alex love storyline. It’s more interesting than that, and it makes his relationship with my character even more fun. He’s connected to other members of the cast a little deeper than people expect, and his relationship with Alex is complicated because of that. It [their friendship] is going to take some time; it’s not going to happen overnight. They’re both outsiders who need Division, but aren’t 100 percent for it, so that’s one of the reasons they form a bond."

When asked if she was going to take Sean's advice to kill Nikita to heart, she shares,

"You know, I’m getting a lot of tweets and fan mail about Alex being bad this year, and I have to say that I don’t think she is. She’s not even on Nikita’s enemy list. She’s just a little more driven toward one specific thing and because of that, she can’t be friends with her. It’s more of a coming together/growing apart between the two. They do have contact with each other, but it’s on more of a case-to-case basis."

In the upcoming episode, Alex will pursue the lead Amanda provided.

"But something that [executive producer] Craig Silverstein told me at the beginning of the season is that Alex is initially very driven about one thing — reclaiming her birthright — and then what happens is that her drive makes her look at things in a broader way; her goal becomes less ‘I’m going to kill the man that took out my family.’ The job that Division had set up for Alex is that they would support her if she helps them get the black box back, but Amanda (Melinda Clarke) doesn’t really keep up with her end of the bargain. It’s all just a lot of talk. And something we just shot recently is that Alex gets a better offer [than Division's] and what that will mean for her."

Finally, the most excited thing for her to see in season 2,

"I’m excited to see the Sean/Alex relationship develop. I’ve expressed to the writers that I’d like to be more careful with it because I really want it to be viewed in a different way than the Nathan/Alex relationship and the Tom/Alex relationship. I’m personally also looking forward to seeing Shane [West] and Maggie [Q] this year because I’ve barely worked with them."

Will Alex fully reconcile with Nikita? Would you like to see Alex with Owen or Sean? Comment away!