'Nikita' Season 2 Guest Starring News And Much More

'Nikita' Season 2 Guest Starring News And Much More

Keep reading for some Nikita season 2 spoilers on guest starring news and more!

  • TV Guide reveals that the show is casting an assassin who targets the rich and powerful and then sends videos to the media that outline his motivation for each murder. One thing the videos don't show, though: This brash killer uses a wheelchair.
  • A major character will shoot another major character early in the season and they're both females. Wild guess but if the promotional photos are an indication then Nikita will be shooting Alex or vise-versa. Not sure on who shoots who.
  • Maggie Q tells EW,

"There is some sexy stuff, [but] not that they’re doing to each other. But some clothes come off and there’s a little bit of that. But what’s sexy about them in the first couple of episodes is how they deal with each other in their new environment and it’s at times, very sweet. When you have to survive a situation with someone, it heightens the bond.”

  • Helena Mattsson has landed a recurring role on Nikita, TV Guide has learned exclusively. Mattsson will play Cassandra, a sophisticated political figure who created some emotional entanglements for Michael (Shane West) during one of his past Division missions. When Michael finds out that his actions have now put Cassandra in danger, he must rescue her at the risk of opening old wounds. Maggie Q tells EW,

“There are some eyebrows raised because he didn’t tell her about it. But what’s beautiful about that episode is that Nikita is sort of shocked by this. The journey they go on in the episode and the comfort he brings her by the end is something really beautiful. It’s like, ‘Yes, I got wrapped up in this to help somebody, but you’ve got to know how I fell. This is the real deal.’ That does get them through it. And it will. There are other problems on the horizon that do involve her. Maybe things that Nikita might not be able to fix.”

  • Julie McNiven is joining "Nikita" as a guest star in episode 2, airing Sept. 30. Zap2it confirms exclusively. McNiven plays Alicia, described as "a young woman with a troubled past who is completely unaware that she is a sleeper assassin." When Nikita (Maggie Q) stops Alicia from committing a violent crime, she learns who is responsible for her abilities heightened killer instincts. She becomes a valuable resource for the team, and we'll learn that she has a lot in common with Birkhoff (Aaron Sanford).
  • David Keith will be playing Nikita's long lost father. Nikita's father has been hiding out, working against the government.. like father, like daughter. Showrunner Craig Silverstein tells TV Line,

“Episode 6 guest stars David as a man named Richard Nelson, who is Nikita’s father. She actually finds a file under her name in the black box that has some information about her real parents, stuff that she never knew. So, she goes out to seek this person. He will only be seen in the present day, because there are no flashbacks of him for Nikita; she never knew her parents. She was really young when she was given over to the foster system.”

  • Based on what Nikita does to Alex in the premiere, (wild guess, shooting her), it doesn't look like Alex and Nikita will be reconciling anytime soon. Maggie Q says there is hope for the fractured pair.

"There is a glimpse of trust coming back, but there's so many factors and things that will come out about what Alex wants and what her goals are. She's got tunnel vision, what Nikita had in the first season, and nothing else matters but revenge."

But Silverstein has a different opinion about the whole situation,

"I think that it's a little more complicated than they're just going to be fighting each other all season. It's going to expand and contract. There's going to be hot and cold periods between them. There's going to be a thaw; things are going to get better, [then] they're going to get worse."

  • There will be some major heat between Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sean (Dillon Casey). Sean is the Oversight agent assigned to watch over Division. Silverstein says,

"We're going to find out how he's linked to Oversight a little bit later. He's a character who's a little bit like Michael in the first season. For a few episodes you didn't know quite where Michael was coming from until you learned about his back story and you understood what was driving him. It's a bit of the same thing with Sean. If in the first few shows you're like, ‘Where is this guy coming from?' Just bear with it for a little bit and it will be defined."

  • Craig Silverstein tells TV Line that there will be an actual episode that will show us

"the actual mission she did it on [Nikita faking her death], and the consequences it left behind for another agent. [Guessing it'll have something to do with Kathryn Winnick's character. More about that here]."

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