'Nikita' Season 2 Flashbacks, Birkhoff, And More

'Nikita' Season 2 Flashbacks, Birkhoff, And More

Keep reading to find out some spoilers on what's happening this season on Nikita!

On the introduction of Michael's ex, Maggie Q tells AOL TV,

"There's no jealousy; when the woman does come back, it isn't that sort of thing like 'I don't like this woman because she's pretty,' which I love about Nikita, because she's so above that. She sort of looks at it very objectively and goes, 'I love you and whatever you need from me, I'm going to do for you and I'm gonna make happen,' so that's what it is. In the end, it's less about [Nikita and Michael] not having enough love for each other and more about a circumstance that comes in that may hurt them. And yes, it involves this woman."

On meeting Nikita's biological father [played by David Keith], Q says,

"This has been the cross that she's had to bear for her entire life; she's been looking for this man and her mother for a long time. She finds out what happened to her mother, but her father's always been this big mystery, this question mark. When she finally does find him, you feel, hopefully, that she's going to have some kind of connectivity to this man that would help her, or allow her just some growth or some peace, and then it doesn't happen. It's sad actually, it's awful, and it's one of the first episodes where we see Nikita actually lose it; we see her in a state that's less than controlled, which is so unlike her."

On flashbacks, she continues

"There are going to be some great flashbacks coming up. In episode six right now, we're going to see Nikita as a young recruit, which we've only seen once, and she's such a badass [laughs]. You're gonna see this side to her, the very angry, young Nikita that we haven't known yet."

When asked about the return of Owen [Devon Sawa], Q comments,

"I love the Owen character; him and Nikita have a great chemistry. There's something lovely and weirdly innocent about him even though he's been through so much -- he's almost like a puppy to me, a little bit. She cares deeply for this person because she understands the life that he's lived, and so he does come back quickly, he goes away again, and the next time we see him, Nikita might be looking for him instead of the other way around."

Melinda Clarke (Amanda) tells TV Fanatic,

"Division will be a slightly different playing field. There is no active recruitment going on. Amanda is really trying to bring Division back to basics and eliminate all threats. She really believes in Division, in what it can do for the country. All of her actions are with the best interest of the nation in mind."

Clarke jokes that Amanda is

"the ultimate Tiger Mom. She put Alex through the ringer, but for her own good, in Amanda's mind. You might say she has a warped sense of being a mother hen."

When asked what storyline she would like to see, Clarke replied,

"A look into Amanda and Percy's past. These characters are veterans at what they do. They have to make hard decisions, such as electrocutions, and they completely believe it's for the good of the country. It would make for fascinating TV to get an idea of how they arrived at this place."

Aaron Stanford (Birkhoff) is still around this season. Stanford tells EW,

“There’s a scene where a massive Division hit-squad raids my brand new headquarters. Birkhoff, decked out in Kevlar, returns fire with a .44-caliber, Dirty Harry [hand] cannon. That’s going to be fun.”

Creator Craig Silverstein tells TV Line that there will be a new computer geek within the Division walls this year.

“They’ve replaced Birkhoff with a beautiful new hacker-type — played by newcomer Lyndie Greenwood — but she doesn’t look like one. She’s a Nigerian-born, raised in the UK-woman named Sonya, who you’ll see on the sidelines, though she might grow [as a character] a little bit.”