'Nikita' Season 2 An Intriguing Backstory

'Nikita' Season 2 An Intriguing Backstory

Keep reading to find out more about who's backstory we will learn more about  in the upcoming season of 'Nikita'.

During an interview with Shane West (Michael) and Maggie Q (Nikita), they told EW more about what's coming up in season 2. West says,

"I think what’s exciting about this year is now that they’re together we’re going to see how difficult it is going to be to keep that together. For Maggie, we’re also going to get into the backstory of Nikita."

Q adds,

"What I really like is that Nikita played a pivotal role in Michael’s journey to find out what happened in his past and what went down. She was sort of that person for him and I think, going into season 2, Michael’s going to be there for her. It’s going to be a lot deeper than what you see in a normal romance..."

West continues,

"…because I think these characters that Craig [Silverstein] created, they’re very difficult. They’ve had different lives. I think Michael went through a lot of that this year. So he’s in a better headspace…"

Q carried on by saying,

"…but now he has to deal with what Nikita’s been dealing with, which is looking into what he’s done in his career with Division, which is not good. He’s just moving into another phase — as she is. "

Speaking of Nikita's backstory, in episode 6, we will get to meed Nikita's biological parents through a series of important flashbacks. Creator Craig Silverstein teases,

"We're going into her origins. She's searching for home and will find one that is unlike anything she ever imagined."

Her backstory will reveal Nikita as a teenage junkie, introduce her old female mentor and show how she was recruited into Division. Q teases

"It's going to blow fans' minds."

E!Online revealed exclusively that Katheryn Winnick has been cast as Kelly, the partner Nikita left behind when she escaped Division. Winnick will appear in the fourth episode where we will learn what happened to Kelly after Nikita went rogue and why Nikita decided to reunite with her. Silverstein explains that it might have to do with wanting to find a 'home'.

"There's a real strong sense of home. They're all looking for their home. Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is looking for the home that she once had and lost. Nikita is looking for the home that she never ever really had. She thinks she can get it with Michael, but they can't settle down until they make sure no one's chasing them. That means taking down Oversight, which means taking down Division once and for all."

In other news, the CW has order an extra episode of 'Nikita' making the season order 23 episodes.

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Source: TV Guide