Nikita Season 1 What’s Coming Up After The Hiatus

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December 10, 2010

Check out these spoilers on what fans should expect when the show returns on January 27 which will air at 9/8c on the CW!

  • Alex will be graduating from being a recruit to full Division agent. “…but it will come at a terrible cost” teases Craig Silverstein (executive producer).
  • There will be a major shift in the show as Nikita and Alex will be working together on the outside.
  • Alex will be out in the real world, with her own apartment, an extended wardrobe, and car.
  • Alex will also get a new potential love interest. Thad Luckenbill has been cast on the show as Alex’s possible love interest. Interestingly, Lickenbill has previously played Lyndsy Fonseca’s love interest on The Young and the Restless. There is no word on what this means for Thom and Alex. Love triangle possibly?
  • Also Rosewell’s Brendan Fehr will be guest starring on the show sometime in February.
  • We will learn more about “the location and origin of Nikita’s lair” says Silverstein, and we’ll find out where Nikita’s been getting her money from.
  • Nikita and Michael’s relationship will take an unexpected turn bringing them closer together.
  • In the near future the audience will learn how come nobody is finding out that Alex is connecting with Nikita online. “It will be addressed and everyone will be satisfied” explains Melinda Clarke (Amanda)
  • Last but not least, “There will be sex” teases Silverstein.

What do you think about everything that’s coming up? Any ideas on who will be that lucky couple? Comment away!

Source: EW

  • EminemLova

    Im hoping it michael and nikita<3

  • Smileyfacecow

    micheal and nikita <3

  • Devious Island

    Considering that Thom’s now dead, I’m assuming there’s not going to be an Alex-Nathan-Thom love triangle!

    I know the producers aren’t going to take it in this direction, but I’d love to see Alex & Michael together.

  • Cindy

    I completely agree I really wanted some more Alex and Michael moments at least before she goes off into the “real” world. Besides I kinda liked Nikita with that sweeper guy I forgot his name. I know he killed Daniel and all but love could be his redemption.

  • Lauren

    Ew no. Nikita and Michael forever.

  • Amandadelgado15

    Dude, She is suppose to be like 17 or 18 and he is about 30 lol

  • Carson

    sounds exciting!!

  • Hannah

    1. his name is owen
    2. michael loves nikita
    2/5. michael is like 20 years older than alex
    3. michael loves nikita

  • Ally

    Nikita and Michael forever. Deffos want a Michael/Nikita/Ryan triangle of course Michael will win because, Mikita is it and Shane West is SOOOOO HOT!

    Don’t focus too much on Alex. I want more Michael scenes in general + Mikita scenes.

  • Pknotts

    MICHAEL and NIKITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the way

  • Michael’s Friend

    It has to be Michael and Nikita ! We’ve waited so long for it ! It has to come !

  • Ttaylorasay9

    okay seriously people who gives a crap about the age! im 19 (the age alex is supposed to be in the show) and she def dont act like me or anyone 19year old girl i know. age is only a number. plus malex got some great chemistry!! i like michael and nikita but i like the building story between malex

  • Datgirl650

    Here, here! Michael and Nikita just have this thing…UST! And it makes for great, albeit, kinda awkward moments every time they train their guns on one another. The fact that neither of them can seem to pull the trigger…well, that’s L-O-V-E, folks! Taste the rainbow, Alex/Michael shippers, because when it comes to covert-government trained assassins, Mikey and Nikki are perfect for each other in that perfectly imperfect screwed up way.

    Though if it doesn’t work out, Owen is a very hot fallback, lol. That Ryan dudes gotta fall off a cliff though, or die of a massive paper cut. Even with CIA training, the guy’s a softie. I think he’d smother Nikita to death with all that fluff!