‘Nikita’ Officially Renewed For Season 2!

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May 17, 2011

It’s OFFICIAL, NIKITA has been renewed for a season 2 with a full 22 episodes pick-up!

We will keep writing spoilers, news, and so on over the summer so please keep checking the Nikita page. Excited? What do you hope to see in season 2 of Nikita? Comments below!

  • Guest

    I’m just happy it’s back!!!! I don’t care where the story goes, I have all the faith in the talented writers, they are absolutely brilliant. So happy and I can’t wait for the fall!!! :)

  • AmrieLikesNikita

     I cant wait for its Season two! FINALLY! I am very glad to know that the show did it! All episodes are really must seen! I know every Nikita addicts are very much excited for the upcoming episodes :DD Cheers to all of us!! :DD

  • Grusha_cutie

     im so glad they renewed thank god cw has a brain

  • http://www.facebook.com/AmrieHeartsMarky14 Amrie Siano

     Finally!! Now on its Season 2! :DDD

  • Xander

    Oyes  thanx a mil for making a season2  and make it the best.But u not gona work hard because its already the best thanx!!!!!! 

  • Yasmin

    Really can’t wait for season 2 to air I’ve watched every Nikita episode such a big fan

  • Zohar

     when season 2 would start?

  • crazy

    when season 2 coming out …. I cant wait to watch this movie, that’s awesome ^.6

  • Writer

    this series is really something… movement of each seems like more like on reality.. keep it up..

  • Miss G

    I am hooked with the show.  It is nice to see women play a leading role in this kind of shows, I think it does inspire and encourages girls/women out there.  One thing I find sexy about this show other than the the fact that it was filmed in my hometown is that ”Nikita” this time around is not the the typical blonde I am use to seeing on tv.  I find her too thin though (model thin like), is it possible to add a little meat in those body, don’t get me wrong Maggie Q is sexy as she is but perhaps it would be more realistic to take down guys bigger than her with more meat on those pipes you know?  Wouldn’t it be great to surprise us in one of the episodes with a discovery that she has a long lost family which will bring a whole new spin to the show? 
    Thanks for a great show, looking forward to season 2.