Nikita Renewal Update: A Shortened Season 4?

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April 10, 2013

nikita__130408222434-275x159Our initial prediction for Nikita was ‘more likely to be renewed than cancelled‘. In a new development, we’re glad to bring the news that followers of the Maggie Q. starring series can now look forward to a season 4.

As first reported by Deadline, we learned that Nikita showrunner Craig Silverstein has closed a deal with the CW in getting Nikita a fourth and final season. However, the final chapter of the spy drama will run ala Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill — a shortened season composed of 6-13 episodes.

Are you okay with Nikita wrapping-up after season 4?

  • Yo

    No pissed!! Nikita is way better than Hart of Dixie!

  • M

    I’m ok with nikita having one more season as long as it ends the right way and not with a cliff hanger I would also like it if none of my favorite characters died Alex, Nikita, Michael, and Birkoff

  • Aidan

    Well it’s amazing that it is getting renewed, but the fact that its a shortened season and a last season is also really annoying! Nikita is my favourite show period and it’s annoying to see stupid ones get renewed while the best ones take the back seat! But as for whether it will be a cliff hanger or not, i’d rather it be a cliff hanger so that when the CW finally come to their senses they can continue where they left off!

  • abc

    Nikita has been getting a bit drawn out, with a lack of cohesive plot. Feels like it ran out of steam after the first or second seasons. It either needs to finish soon, or get a better storyline going. I think a shortened season 4 is a good idea.

  • Nova

    Aidan! Just got so darn happy to read your comment, feels like every word could´ve been written by myself. So frustrating to see my favorite show not getting the attention it really deserves!

  • TheVampireDiariesRules4E

    as long as it end with olex its fine with me :D

  • Iceman

    No!!!!! Don’t end Niki !!!!!!

  • Grace

    Well I am SO glad that at least there’s something to look forward to, even if it IS a shortened season. But seriously, Nikita is one of the MOST overlooked shows. In all honesty, it is absolutely my favourite show right now with a little mix of everything. I will probably be very sad for this to be Nikita’s final season but if it is, I really hope the writer’s give the viewers something to really pull things together and yet the critics and whatnot enough for them to realize that this show is AMAZING and deserves (at least) a full final season!

  • James

    it should be renewed for a 5th season. Good shows deserve atleast a 5th season!!!

  • Warren

    no!!! they deserve 5 more seasons!!! people should start watching it they are missing out

  • Nikitaholic

    No!!! Im going to die. I love this show so much. I really wish it could go on. My weeks are CENTERED around Friday night! hahaha I love this show to darn much…. SO glad there is a forth season but I wish it could go on… it deserves to.

  • Yurico Galvan

    Im happy to hear there will be a 4th season but Nikita is better than Gossip Girl and i was a true Gossip Girl fan , you cant cut it off so soon! Nikita is an overlooked show due to the amount of publicity it was not given, if it was publicized as much as Hart of Dixie was it would have had far more viewer! I randomly came across it on Netflix and just by watching one episode I was hooked! I believe Nikita should at least be signed for 2 more seasons, or at a full fourth season.

  • Lucy

    It’s glad to hear this news, but I’m still hoping for a full season 4,(even season 5…haha)
    ……I love Nikita sooooo much :”]

  • Carrie Carroll

    The people with the power to stop this should listen to the fans! Obviously the issues on why it’s not getting the ratings are being caused by you guys because the fans love the show! If fans are saying nothing but good about Nikita then maybe you should change the Friday night time slot or put a lot more effort into advertising because I barely hear anything about this show but constantly hear about Hart of Dixie or Gossip Girl! And I’ve been a huge fan from the beginning! So when I hear anything about a show I love I pay attention! The show deserves much more than a small final fourth season! It deserves at least five full seasons! These kind of shows are way more interesting than gushy girly heart wrenching shows like Hart of Dixie or Gossip girl! At least with Nikita you get just as many men watching as women! And you get the women like me who aren’t into boring girly shows! Think about it before its too late cw network! Please! Thanks !