Nikita Possible Alex-Nikita-Michael Love Triangle?

Nikita Possible Alex-Nikita-Michael Love Triangle?

During the beginning of the season, we've seen Michael care about Alex more than the other recruits. We've also seen a glimpse of Michael and Nikita's past together. So could there be a possible love triangle? Here's what Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) and Maggie Q (Nikita) have to say about this.

Maggie Q assures fans who have been outraged about this rumor that there won't be a love triangle. "Here's the thing about Michael caring for the recruits the way he does, and singling Alex out: There was a time where Michael was in love with Nikita, there was something that happened there. Alex is almost a metaphor for what he couldn't do for Nikita." explains Q.

Lyndsy says "I think if it happens it'll have to happen for the right reasons. It won't just be because, 'Oh, we have to try this!' If Craig's [Silverstein, executive producer] gonna write it, it's going to be for a specific reason that's going to have a lot of impact on all the characters." Fonseca continued "If something were to happen between Michael and Alex, I think it would take over a few episodes. They wouldn't just make out."

Maggie Q isn't against some competition either "If another woman comes into Michael's world, that would be fine. But Alex is a little young." Lyndsy continues, "I think Michael sees a lot of Nikita in Alex and that's why he as a soft spot for her."

So do we all agree that this love triangle would be just too weird considering how young Alex is?

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Source: TVGuide