'Nikita':If You Thought Amanda Is Bad, Wait Till You See Percy!

'Nikita':If You Thought Amanda Is Bad, Wait Till You See Percy!

Check out what executive producer, Craig Silverstein, and Xander Berkeley (Percy) have to say about tomorrow night's episode "Betrayals" from an interview with TVGuide!

If you thought Amanda is bad, wait till you see what Percy does to Alex!

"I think Percy is most impressive in Thursday's episode [Betrayals]. It really shows just how smart Percy is as an antagonist. Your hero is only as good as your villain is evil."

From the very beginning, we've seen Percy support Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), commending her work and deciding not to "terminate" her despite Amanda's recommendation. Now that he learns that she's Nikita's (Maggie Q) mole, he turns against her! But he's going to use Alex to his advantage. We'll also soon get a glimpse of the bigger, insidious game he's been playing all along. "

If Percy has been light in any way before, you'll see that may have been of his choosing. Percy is always controlling his reaction. He's been off and busy."

Silverstein continues,

"Percy got to where he is because he really doesn't trust anybody. He created the black boxes because he doesn't trust the people who empowered him wouldn't take him out if it got too embarrassing. Also, I personally think that he's a little bit wary of Amanda."

Berkeley says,

"I think they've [Amanda and Percy] clearly had a past. They've been there together at Division for a long time so that's something that certainly could have happened. Some people would call it romantic, but others would call it 'mutual exploitation.'"

The actor continues

"Clearly he's well-educated and knows how to take care of himself. He has some sort of relationship with the military that has allowed him to be put in a position of authority by a shadowy wing of a defense department, and if he's trained people for years, I'm sure he's been through some of this training himself."

Berkeley doesn't believe his character is evil, despite his fighting the 'so-called good guys'.

"I think he thinks he's helping to maintain and protect the American way of life. In his big picture, his belief is that you have to be willing to sacrifice a little in order to save a lot. In each of the cases, in his mind, things are justified on that basis. It's a bit Machiavellian, but I'm able to bear up to the logic."

Silverstein explains

"He is a paranoid guy who started out doing what he thought was right and that's become a little bit perverted. He's going to get what's due him. Percy keeps everything incredibly close to the vest. That's what makes him so good and also what I think is going to get him in trouble."

How much worse do you think Percy is?