Will There Be A ‘Nikita’ Season 4?

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March 8, 2013

UPDATE:  ‘Nikita’ will get a shortened season 4!

Nikita-tv-female-characters-16355716-332-500Can Nikita work her awesome spy-charm to get her into the next fall season lineup? Let’s weigh the facts if Nikita has a chance of getting a season 4 renewal, here’s an early round-up:

Nikita is still one of the struggling series from the CW Network. Currently running its third season, the spy drama continues to give the network unimpressive ratings on its Friday 9pm berth. Its highest rating to date was a 0.5% with a total of 1.6 million viewers on the 18-49 demographic. But all in all, the weak numbers speak volumes for the series. Its usual weekly performance garners a 0.2 up to 0.4% in ratings on the same demo.

Could it be that the Friday night timeslot of Nikita is the culprit of the show’s relatively low ratings? For now the earliest prediction for Nikita is “more likely to be renewed than cancelled”.

For other CW shows that are now on the safe side — Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow have already been renewed last February of 2013.

Do you want a season 4 for Nikita?

  • http://twitter.com/applepe applepe

    I want season 4!! I live in South America i have no chance to improve on the ratings because i dont watch it live.. but come on… Nikita Rules.. give it a chance.. and stop with sick and old shows.. like… Someone diaries (not the TVD cos it rules lol).. but come on.. cult?? Mmmm

  • MikitaLove

    La France veut une saison 4!!!!

  • JC

    YES!!! I want a season 4.. #SaveNikita

  • Lisy_pr

    Of Course!!! I love Nikita, one of the best shows ever!! Puerto Rico wants Nikita!!! ;))

  • Pauline_59

    Yes of course ! I’m a French fan and I can’t wait for see this show at french, I listen it en original version ! I love this show !

  • tarry

    really love d show..can’t wait to see season 4

  • Erikk


  • http://www.facebook.com/yesenia.montalvo.94 Yesenia Montalvo

    #SaveNikita, TVD,Hart of Dixie and Nikita are my favorite shows!!!

  • MD

    Of Course! Let´s go Season 4! Nikita Forever

  • Mel

    Yes, I’m in Australia and I love me some nikita. Renew it CW

  • Nadia


  • James Enson

    Hell yes we want a season 4! Of course the ratings are low! Most people are out at that time on a friday night. All i can say is I cant get enough of Maggie Q looking FFFFIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNEEEE. Damn she’s hot. The show is pretty awesome too.

  • Bailey

    NEED season 4!! Love Nikita. Such an underrated show.

  • Affy

    Renew “Nikita”! It’s an amazing show, my favourite one of all time. We want season 4! =D

  • k

    Yes! yes! yes!

  • Alexia

    YESS SEASON 4!!!! This is honestly the best show I’ve ever watched. Of course it’s the time slot that’s bringing the viewer #s down because its Friday and people do stuff Friday nights. Even I, a hardcore Nikita fan, must PVR it to watch another day. It’s not the shows fault people don’t watch tv Fridays. Change the day, and I garentee people will flawk to the show. Easily an addicting show. LOVE the cast, story, and put together of the entire show. This is the only show where I’v NEVER been disappointed. Well done CW.

  • jawad

    yes am from Pakistan there are alot and alot of fans of nikita in here.

  • Sophie

    YES! We will have a season 4! I mean the things in season 3 were already good, but now, they are getting crazy! I didn´t expect this big twist ! Nikita is the best show out there! GIVE US A SEASON 4! Ps: I´m from Portugal!

  • Eliza

    Nikita is BY FAR the best show on television right now. If this, of ALL the god awful television shows that exist, is canceled, I will lose all of my faith in humanity. Seriously, an INCREDIBLE show with phenomenal actors, script, characters, and directing.

  • Selma Reis

    YES!!! I dont understand the low ratings u.u

  • doro


  • jenny

    Yes Yes we sure Do want a season 4 of Nikita. Nikita Forever

  • http://www.facebook.com/lexi.hudson.58 Lexi Juliet Hudson

    Nikita is a great show. but shows shouldn’t be dragged out if they don’t have the same quality writing,
    gossip girl for example….

  • iff

    I really want season 4 ! And I’m really happy to see that will be season 4 !

  • Dana

    We need Nikita!!!

  • Olivia

    Yes! Just started and I absolutely love it! Season 4 PLEASE!!!!!

  • Larry

    I want a season 4 I love this friggin show nikita is the best !!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/din.ebrahim Din Ebrahim

    I don’t know what I’m going to do without Niki…. I want #4

  • Mo

    It’s not a want, it’s a need. Anybody who gets into the show, Nikita, would not want it to stop at this point. Only when all things end not just another open-ended series. I don’t think that would happen in Season 3.

  • http://twitter.com/DylanJames18 Dylan James

    Hell Yeah! Nikita Please CW Nikita Season 4 Now Hope It Gets Renewed Forever.

  • RkoRosario

    Season 4..this Season is going Perfect..just change the Slot..Friday nights are nights that people dont stay home and watch TV.. Give it Thursday like it used to be!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/babygirl5787 Bea Hernandez

    Jesus pls pls pls CW NETWORK we want nikita season 4!!!!!!!!

  • sumsum

    Yes we NEED a season 4

  • Rebecca

    They should really post polls online instead of looking at viewing numbers. I don’t even get Nikita on the channels I have, but I watch it faithfully online every week. I bet a lot of shows are watched more often online than on the actual night and time it premieres

  • Nikita Viewer

    I’m a little late, but I think I know what the problem is. Nikita is going to get viewers who are disproportionately young males in their teens and 20s. Do you think many of them will be home at 9pm on a Friday night? Of course not. If they were to move the show to another day, ratings would be through the roof! I only got introduced to the show because some seasons are stored in NetFlix. If I had to watch it on Friday nights, I never would have known about it.

  • KW

    Yes, there needs to be a Season 4! Put another show like ‘Vampire Diaries’ to that time and move Nikita from Friday night. It’s a really good series, and I discovered it on Netflix about three weeks ago. My family and I are hooked! This is the only show we watch on CW and we’ve have already caught up with all the episodes we’ve missed. CW needs to advertise it more. It has so much potential. Viewers want to see strong females trying to make a difference. I know of a few other people who watch it online because the Friday night airing is inconvenient. Don’t let the tv ratings fool you, CW. People love series!

  • destiny

    Each season of Nikita gets more and more intense && I would love to see what they do with another season ! Love Nikita and the actors/ actresses !

  • liamUK

    Definitely want a season 4 nikita is amazing and soo many people are missing out.

  • http://twitter.com/cacobart Callebe Garcia

    Well networks can’t really expect impressive ratings on a Friday night. I don’t know about you guys in the US. But, here in Brazil, Friday night is when you are out, partying, spending time with your friends, going to the movies or theater, drinking in a bar, not really spending time at home watching TV.
    I think the network should try airing Nikita on a different day for a change, and they’ll definetely see the number of viewers going up.


    more nikita pls!

  • Owen is a Boss

    Season 4!!!!!!

  • momo

    YES !

  • ninja

    Renew it please,my weekend is so boring without nikita. i love that show. its awesome, most of my girlfriends love to see the girl fighting,like nikita. YES “NIKITA” forever! RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW RENE……………………….NOW I’M SO BORED HERE IN FINLAND. nikita come back your my past time so i wont get bored…

  • http://twitter.com/Psycho_Spastic Trans_Goth_Girl

    Nikki has to get a forth Season why Friday night’s Ep (Apr 19 2013) we leaned more about Amanda/Helen, Division got it’s house cleaned and Alex is looking for some payback after Shawn’s death (watch out Amanda) Owen/Sam is becoming a bada$$ having Amanda at Gunpoint, what’s not to like it’s all going on in Nikita

  • http://twitter.com/Tory_June Victoria McCormick

    There hast to be a season 4 of Nikita. There’s so much that can happen. I want to see if Micheal & Nikita get married, if they’ve kids?, what happens to Alex?, and how things progress with Birkoff & Sonya? Season 3 can’t be the end!!!!!

  • Konrad Verner

    Season 4 sounds good but please, a more menacing antagonist please…Like Percy, Roan and the Guardians, not some psychopath who is fuelled by pointless emotions. Melinda Clarke is awesome but Amanda is a fucking joke. Better enemy and season 4s a winner

  • Aarzoo

    yes definitely!!!!!! i need a season 4! nikita is really underrated and it shouldnt be, its freaking amazing!

  • ninja

    nikita nikita nikita nikita,more more more please. from finland…

  • MMC

    Nikita better be renewed or picked up from another network!! This show literally kick butt!! I love it and can’t wait till Friday to watch…

  • froesta

    YES Definitely!!!!!!!! I’m from Holland and I love this show!!!!!!!!!!

  • just a nikita fan

    I agree with Callebe Garcia, maybe a different day and/or time would benefit the network view ratings.

    Also, keep in mind Nikita is very popular online.

    Why not stream it (and add these views to get a more honest ratings overview)? I wouldn’t mind watching a 30 second add if that keeps Nikita going for AT LEAST a season 4 :)

  • Nina

    MUST have a season 4! Never been into a show, they all seem so boring but Nikita speaks to me! lol. Bring me some Nikita season 4!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shirley.simoens Shirley Simoens


  • MH

    Yes, best series ever!! Please let there be a series 4!!

  • Granny

    Nikita Is one of my favorite shows oh all time!!!

  • jay

    I love this show. we definitely need a season 4.

  • Jack Jiang

    Off Course?We need Season 4!Waiting for good news…

  • LUCY

    We need season 4!!!! A full season 4!!!!

  • alex peirce

    You don’t even need to ask me that question. I LOVE NIKITA!! It can never end, I always get sad and upset when one of my shows are canceled or end. NIKITA FOREVER!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ilinca.obada Ilinca Obada

    YESS!!!!!!I”ve got a lots of questions without an answer!What’s gonna happen???Want season 4!!!!

  • Lily

    Nikita is the best TV show. It has low rating because it was not advertised enough. However, Nikita is huge in Asia. Everyone loves Nikita. The stories are great. Casting is great. Nikita is so pretty and hot. Please renewal Nikita to full season with 22 episodes, don’t shorten it. And please move it to Thursday night.

    I watch Nikita online. I don’t watch it on TV because the show time is inconvenient for me.

    CW will disappoint people worldwide if there’s not Nikita season 4 or season 5. Keep it live for a while and please advertise it more so more Americans know about it.

    Season 4 please!

  • Tuan

    Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Asia want Nikita forever. Full Season 4 please and keep it coming. The whole world loves Nikita. Why are you showing it on Friday night? Target audience goes out on Friday night and not home to watch. Move it to Monday – Thursday.

    Renew season 4, 5, 6, etc. PLEASE! We love Nikita. Best show on TV.

  • Bray ReaLs

    This show is in my heart, I love it.
    Season 4 would be a blessing to the television.

  • Charlet

    Yess i really want a season 4, NIKITA always and forever!!!!!!!!!

  • L.

    Hell yeah we want a season 4! I’m a Dutch fan, but I’m always working when they broadcast it so I watch the show online; one of my favourites!

  • laren

    OMG i will be so sad if they dont make a season 4 , nikita is my favorite show

  • MD

    um from tanzania um watchin NIKITA almost every week but i dnt knw how to rate it coz there more than 200 people we are watchin nikita in our university from only few people who are capable of gettin it and they distribute to us…so despite of having low rate it still the best series ever seen ….say hello to all fans of NIKITA

    BACKOFF AND SONYA the best couple

  • Nicole Olivier

    Season 4! Mission is a go :D

  • mhmd from lebanon

    yes i do want nikita season 4! it doesnt matter nikita has here own loyal fans! i cant believe that nikita might not be renewed!!!

  • Guest

    I want season 4!!!! I love action thrilling tv!!! Especially with passion and love!!!!. My favorite TV show.

  • CS

    My favorite action packed and passion/love filled TV series!!!!!!!!!! Keep it going!

  • CS

    I agree!!!! Share with all friends to get more people involve they will not.

  • john

    No I don’t want Nikita to return and here is why. You guys were foolish enough to kill sean Pierce off and he was a good character, a noble character and you kill him off. Why must you always kill good characters off? It makes no sense to me! I may reconsider my position if you bring sean Pierce back. I know he was shot in a pretty vital area but spys are always dying and coming back. Bring him back! Other than that I say boooooooooo for Nikita. Good luck you are going to need it!

  • sistermarybling

    Yes for Nikita love all of the cast…

  • sistermarybling

    Even overseas love Nikita….just like you cannot judge a book by its cover, so is the case for tv ratings

  • Tayo

    i live in Nigeria, I want Nikita Season 4!

  • Simplicity

    ofcourse season 4,5,6 more!!!

  • BEM

    absolutely for Season 4

  • CW

    YES….most definitely!!!!! LOVE this show! Just watch in on demand….Friday’s are a bad evening.