Will There Be A 'Nikita' Season 4?

Will There Be A 'Nikita' Season 4?

UPDATE:  'Nikita' will get a shortened season 4!

Nikita-tv-female-characters-16355716-332-500Can Nikita work her awesome spy-charm to get her into the next fall season lineup? Let's weigh the facts if Nikita has a chance of getting a season 4 renewal, here's an early round-up:

Nikita is still one of the struggling series from the CW Network. Currently running its third season, the spy drama continues to give the network unimpressive ratings on its Friday 9pm berth. Its highest rating to date was a 0.5% with a total of 1.6 million viewers on the 18-49 demographic. But all in all, the weak numbers speak volumes for the series. Its usual weekly performance garners a 0.2 up to 0.4% in ratings on the same demo.

Could it be that the Friday night timeslot of Nikita is the culprit of the show's relatively low ratings? For now the earliest prediction for Nikita is "more likely to be renewed than cancelled".

For other CW shows that are now on the safe side -- Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow have already been renewed last February of 2013.

Do you want a season 4 for Nikita?