Will There Be A 'Nikita' Season 2

Will There Be A 'Nikita' Season 2

Update: Nikita is now official renewed for season <= check the link for more info.

According to Deadline, it's looking good for Nikita at the moment. It hasn't been renewed yet but the CW's decision to renew or cancel Nikita will be announced at the CW Upfronts which is on May 19th.

So, what we know about season 2 of Nikita? Not much, but few cast members revealed some minor spoilers as well as their thoughts on renewal:

Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) tells E!Online that the cast is very, very positive about getting a pickup while they were finishing up production.

"I think everyone was like, 'I'll see you in a few months,'"

If Nikita gets renewed, Fonseca promises much more of what we've come to love from Nikita: women kicking some serious tail!

"Season two will just be even more badass. It's just going to be even more exciting, with even more action, and even more drama. I think we're really starting to find our way through the first season, and I'm very confident we would have a very good second season."

Melinda Clarke (Amanda) says,

“From what I hear, the buzz is that we’ll be fortunate enough to have another season. I think we’ve got some great fans out there, a good fan base. I know internationally people are really excited about it. We’re on the CW, and of course, that’s a smaller network as far as how many viewers. But we have some pretty intense and loyal fans. So, I think it’s very likely that we’ll be picked up. I mean, anything can happen in this industry, but I think fans will get another season out of it.”

Clarke explains,

“The writers definitely have consciously not explored Amanda’s past too much. All of these things should and will be explored, assuming we’re fortunate enough to have future seasons.”

“I think this show will just keep getting better because now we’ve established really important relationships and I think what audiences love is the connection between people. We have this high production value and the show looks amazing. Season two could be really, really exciting and I’m hoping personally that it has a lot to do with the relationships because in the finale there’s a moment – for me as an actor, there’s one line where you see her as a human being. Well, there’s a few moments, but she’s doing what needs to be done.”

We'll be covering everything from spoilers, filming updates, casting news and so on during the summer, so make sure you check out the Nikita page every now and then.

What are your hopes and thoughts on Season 2 of Nikita?