Will There Be A ‘Nikita’ Season 2

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May 13, 2011

Update: Nikita is now official renewed for season <= check the link for more info.

According to Deadline, it’s looking good for Nikita at the moment. It hasn’t been renewed yet but the CW’s decision to renew or cancel Nikita will be announced at the CW Upfronts which is on May 19th.

So, what we know about season 2 of Nikita? Not much, but few cast members revealed some minor spoilers as well as their thoughts on renewal:

Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) tells E!Online that the cast is very, very positive about getting a pickup while they were finishing up production.

“I think everyone was like, ‘I’ll see you in a few months,’”

If Nikita gets renewed, Fonseca promises much more of what we’ve come to love from Nikita: women kicking some serious tail!

“Season two will just be even more badass. It’s just going to be even more exciting, with even more action, and even more drama. I think we’re really starting to find our way through the first season, and I’m very confident we would have a very good second season.”

Melinda Clarke (Amanda) says,

“From what I hear, the buzz is that we’ll be fortunate enough to have another season. I think we’ve got some great fans out there, a good fan base. I know internationally people are really excited about it. We’re on the CW, and of course, that’s a smaller network as far as how many viewers. But we have some pretty intense and loyal fans. So, I think it’s very likely that we’ll be picked up. I mean, anything can happen in this industry, but I think fans will get another season out of it.”

Clarke explains,

“The writers definitely have consciously not explored Amanda’s past too much. All of these things should and will be explored, assuming we’re fortunate enough to have future seasons.”

“I think this show will just keep getting better because now we’ve established really important relationships and I think what audiences love is the connection between people. We have this high production value and the show looks amazing. Season two could be really, really exciting and I’m hoping personally that it has a lot to do with the relationships because in the finale there’s a moment – for me as an actor, there’s one line where you see her as a human being. Well, there’s a few moments, but she’s doing what needs to be done.”

We’ll be covering everything from spoilers, filming updates, casting news and so on during the summer, so make sure you check out the Nikita page every now and then.

What are your hopes and thoughts on Season 2 of Nikita?

  • Ana Udinov

    Super interessante.  
    Eu realmente quero, não, eu PRECISO, de uma segunda temporada.

  • zeniekle08_philippines

     yeah!u really have to renew the nikita…bcoz thousnds and millions of their fans are going to die if u dnt do it… :) ryt alex and amanda?esp. mikita?.. :D

  • Ivanswanf

    when should we expect the next season.pliz i dare u all

  • Ivanswanf

    when should we expect the next season.pliz i dare u all

  • Chathura2k

    nikita is very interresting.plz renew it before we die

  • Suhbby

    nikita is not just a film but a must watch for every home

  • oncemo

    oh men! i`m dying to hear that it has been renewed.

  • yuhzii LOL

    omggggggg !!!!!!!!! pleassseeee you guys have to makee another seasonnnnnnn .. in 2 days i watched the hole season !! i couldnt sleep at all becuz this show is soooo intenseee . i LOVE itt ! everything was perfecctttttt …pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hurrrryyyy .. i wanna see season 2 asapp .. i dont wanna wait to lonnggggggggg

  • yuhzziiiii :)

    plzzzz keeeeeppp alllll charaactersss the sammmeee__–> IT WILL ONLY MAKE THE SHOW A BUMMER AND I WULDNT WATCH IT ANYMOREEEEE … please if you yu guys changee the characters dat will be spoiling EVERYTHHHIINNNGGGGG ! rt .. dont mess with the charaters ! if they cant participate in next episodes den make sure they die (IN THE SHOW) .. BUT NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UJWFGHF6JO7HFRFDQWAE44QS6I gregory490 rowland

    whats  up.You got to go another season with 22 episodes.I am Kwait and the show is off the hook.I call Nikita and Alex both my girlfriends.The kick ass and take names thats what make the show great.keep all the actors the same and don’t change it.I would love to see this show go 4 or 5 years strong because it gets better with every episode.I just would to say its a think you for giving the fan base a show just like 24,Prison Break,NCIS,CSI,and etc.I love you guys and keep the show going.BlackMoses.

  • Playerz_1987

    plssss season 2 
    ………………………………………. i really love this ….

  • allen

    i miss alexandra udinov, the heir to zetrov…

  • http://www.facebook.com/bonface.nabuko Bonface Nabuko

    Hey, am an addict of Nikita and please do not kill it. I watch from kenya and I must say you have a good audience here!!!!! thumbs up!! Please we want more of Nikita, season 2,3,4…. to infinatum!!!

  • payday

    where can I download the season 2

  • Anngrey22

    i love every Nikita episode  so much..!!!

  • biatchyeira

    i can’t wait for season 2 of NIKITA!!! super dooper excited!!! nikita and michael are a perfect match!!! i wanna see who between nikita and alex will win!!! but of course nikita is more better in ass-kicking actions!!! Maggie Q is truly a NAKED WEAPON!!!

  • K3ichi09

    when would be the launch of season 2?

  • athena

    I love NIKITA!

  • Fola

    nikita deserves to be renewed for seasons 2

  • Angelann08

    So love Season 1 of Nikita! very intense and there’s no way someone will get bored to watch this from episode 1 to end of season 1! Please renew and ready Season 2 for your beloved fans! ^_^

  • memory

    i am so eager to see what happened after Amanda found out Alex being an acquaintance to Nikita. What did Micheal do to revenge back for the death of his family?

  • kenisme

    YEHAY! awesome! Lyndsy Fonesca reminds me of Kaya Scodelario (SKINS! UK version)… <3

  • adaeze

    nikita is about da best tv series i have seen. pls do provide season 2.

  • Hady_kajar

    I love to see Niki and Ryan together. They really look good as a couple……

  • Lenlee

    we love nikita please another season——–so many fans in africa

  • Lenlee

    am so eager to find nkita’s next move now that alex doesnt trust her anymore………season 2 pliz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Fatima_salim59

    please hurry up for nikita 2…i really like and love nikita and micheal….aja aja

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Da-Don/100000105019117 Da Don


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Da-Don/100000105019117 Da Don


  • cmhiggsgboson

    This is better than  [24] because you just never know how this show will play out?
    I hope the writers will do what they do best, keep you on the edge, well done! It is a love/hate relationship resulting from the fact it leaves you hanging by your fingernails.  It seems more like real life and that is refreshing!
      Navy Seal USA

  • nikitafanatic

    …nikita is the best tv series,,every week im looking forward to watch new episodes…although this week the episode made me cry ( the scene that birkoff trying to aid carla),,heheh,,, To the Network…PLease ,,please,,PLease..pLEasE,,renew nikita,,,,

  • makulet05

    exiting watching nikita, the best film!!!!!!!!!!!!!