'Nikita' Spoilers: Nikita To Cooperate With Divison, More on Season Finale

Keep reading for some spoilers about what's coming up on Nikita after the hiatus. Remember, Nikita returns April 7 at 9/8c on the CW!

First off, in an upcoming episode, someone close to Nikita will betray her, which will land her in CIA custody. The CIA's director, will threaten her with the death penalty. Now the good thing is that she still has friends on the inside. Who do you think betrays Nikita? Could it be Alex?

Also in an upcoming episode, Nikita will put herself on the line for a shocking reason: to help Division. There’s much more to this storyline but that's all we know for now! It's going to be interesting to see how and why she helps Division don't you think?

As for the season one finale, Craig Silverstein, executive producer says

"the season one finale is going to shake things up [outside of Division]. You will see a broader, on-the-road type of thing emerge, and it will carry into Season 2.”

Now we don't really know if Nikita has been renewed yet but Silverstein says he's not worried about not getting renewed. Worst case scenario, is this finale is the series finale, Silverstein says the episode also serves as a “satisfying finale,” adding,

“Questions will be answered, but new ones are asked. There is some resolution, but things are not tied up. Everything shifts at the end.”

Do you want Nikita to get renewed?

Source: TVLine