Nikita New Love Interests For Alex And Nikita?

Nikita New Love Interests For Alex And Nikita?

What do you think about Alex and Nikita getting new love interests for the second part of the season? Keep reading for some spoilers on the relationships in Nikita!

Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca):

  • Nathan (Thad Luckinbill), her neighbor now that she lives alone.
  • Nathan isn't part of Division "He's a really nice normal guy. I think that's what is interesting to Alex is first of all, why he's so nice, but also that he kind of represents this new world that she's been placed into, you know, things she doesn't really know about that most of Nathan-type people do," Luckinbill explains.
  • Fonseca adds, "Alex doesn't know what to do with it at first. It's unlike anything else, but I think ultimately I think that's why she really likes him. He's someone stable and true."
  • Nathan won't be Alex's little secret from Division for long and fans can expect some fun scenes between Nathan and Michael (Shane West) in this week's episode "Coup De Grace."
  • "There's a really fun scene between Michael, Alex and Nathan which is really awkward but it's also a fun teaser 'because he learns a lot of stuff just in that exchange of what's going on and it's a really funny scene. There's a few scenes actually," Luckinbill teases.
  • While Luckinbill hasn't been made a "Nikita" regular yet, he isn't at all opposed to the idea of sticking around.

Nikita (Maggie Q):

  • Nikita kisses Ryan
  • Maggie knows the kiss probably won't make fans of Michael (Shane West) and Nikita's sort of relationship too happy, but attempts to clear the air without giving too much away: "What you'll under stand when you see the episode: The context of the kiss, what she puts him through. I like Ryan Fletcher and Nikita's relationship because they're definitely going to work together and I don't know that it's romantic in that she kissed him out of passion."
  • In the episode description, it says "While interrogating Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford), Nikita stuns Ryan by revealing a secret."
  • Maggie hints that while that kiss might not have romantic intentions, Nikita may have a few possible love interests this season, including Ryan Fletcher. "We are creating question marks for people," she says.
  • What does that mean for Nikita and Michael? Maggie Q explains that Nikita and Michael will soon engage in their second fight scene in a steamy sauna. "Everyone's in towels except for us," says Maggie.

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Source: Zap2it