‘Nikita’: More Spoilers on “Mikita”

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March 7, 2011

Keep reading for some spoilers on what’s coming up for Mikita.

So I recently mentioned that Mikita is going to take a sad turn in a previous post. Here’s what Maggie Q has to say about it “I think the saddest things in life are the things you wish would change and sometimes can’t. I think we all know what that feels like. It’s so heartbreaking. And women, especially, know what that feels like because we’re such suckers, and we have all this romantic s*** in our head. And it doesn’t always work out that way!” she said.

For some more scoop, Maggie Q teased an upcoming episode that gives us a chance to “see through Nikita’s eyes and some of the things she wished she had in her life.”

Saving the best for last. Michael and Nikita are getting married! So they’re just going to ACT like a married couple to infiltrate the home of a Guardian, but that still counts, right?

That’s all the Nikita news I have for now. Nikita returns April 7 at 9/8c on the CW!

Source: TVGuide EW

  • Mysty

    So, wasn’t Owen supposed to be in this episode too… cuz weren’t Nikita and Owen supposed to be partnered up to get the black boxes, TOGETHER??

  • http://twitter.com/canuckgirl7 ` pauline

    I wish they really were getting married :(

  • Vicky

    Owen was going to London to investigate on one of them, is this “acting like a married couple” thing going to happen in London?
    I want Owen back! Give me some Owen!