'Nikita' Mikita's Reunion And Alex's Betrayal?

This week's episode is so game-changing you might actually think it's the season finale. Here's what Craig Silverstein, Nikita's showrunner, have to say about this week's episode as well as the rest of the season!

  • Romantic moment between Michael and Nikita is real.
  • There is a flashback or two that shows Michael and Nikita when they first got together, when they were both working in Division.
  • We’ll see when things were as good as they were between Michael and Nikita, and also as bad as they are now, with him pulling a gun on her in her place, putting her whole mission at risk.
  • And it may take a really huge shock for Michael to "open his eyes". But even if he steps over to her side, it would not be an easy transition.
  • Michael knows Nikita's little secret, he'll threaten to out Alex to Division. In exchange for his silence, he'll send Nikita to find the man who killed his family. Michael will get more than he bargained for when they uncover a terrifying secret in the process.
  • Something negative will into Nikita and Alex's (Lyndsy Fonseca) relationship and Amanda will have a lot to do with it.
  • Alex is really shaken up by the future that she’s seen, and she really is considering getting out of the spy game. The price of revenge is too high for her. But the problem is that it will be hard because of Nathan’s safety. She can’t just split, because then they’ll grab this guy and torture him until she comes back. So she’s got to break up with him, but that’s hard to do, too.
  • As for Birkhoff, there’s some good stuff coming up for him, some of him fighting which is rare. And beyond that, there’s some real nice Birkhoff story right at the end of the season.
  • Amanda does have a code and some ideals, which makes her infinitely more dangerous and scary because she does believe in something.
  • We know the least about Amanda's backstory, and she’ll make a few moves at the end of the season that will surprise everyone. However, you’re not going to learn a full Amanda backstory this season.
  • Percy is going to come into the forefront in a very real way in the last few episodes. You’re going to see just how powerful and intelligent of an antagonist he is. It’s really going to make for an exciting fight to the finish.
  • Owen (Devon Sawa) returns to Nikita on April 14. That means, Michael's jealousy will come out again.
  • It is possible to see Thom (Ashton Holmes) again, but I can tell you he doesn’t pop back up this season.

How's that for Nikita spoilers? What storyline are you most excited to see?

Source: TVLine