Nikita Jump To The Future?

Nikita Jump To The Future?

Rumor has it, we'll get a sneak peek into the future in the a few episodes. Keep reading for some spoilers on what will be happening on Nikita in the near future.

There's going to be a flash forward, or well something of that sort. Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) says “You will get a glimpse of what Alex becomes, in a future version of herself. My character specifically; not everyone. We’ll start to get a glimpse of ‘Future Alex,’ if it were to go that way.”. Here's how this might (emphasis on the might) happen.

Alex will run into the head of the Russian sex trade ring into which she was once sold. He'll give her an unwanted taste of her old life by drugging her. Once Alex is returned to Division, Amanda will attempt to use her fragile and drug-addled state to dig up secrets. Instead, Alex will have a vision. She'll see a future in which she is working against Nikita (Maggie Q).

"I don't think it's out of the question," Fonseca says of the possibility. "We're doing this episode where we get a glimpse of a possible future Alex and why she turns out that way," the actress continues. "It's not like one day she'll wake up and say she's evil. It happens over time. You grow, you change, you kill, the killing becomes easier. Thom's kill was just the beginning." explains Fonseca.

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Source: TVLine