'Nikita': Is Amanda Done With Alex Yet?

'Nikita': Is Amanda Done With Alex Yet?

Before this hiatus, Amanda (Melinda Clarke) was trying to get some information from drugged Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) about her past. Amanda got a few answers but is she done with Alex yet? Keep reading for some spoilers from Clarke about what her character is up to next!

The last we checked, Amanda wanted to cancel Alex which makes us wonder if there's any good in Amanda? “I’ve thrown around the idea that Amanda’s not necessarily out to get Alex. She’s trying to help her become the best she can be, and in that she’s the ultimate tiger mom. She’s sees some brilliance in Alex, but at the same time, if there’s any weakness or doing something you shouldn’t be doing, Amanda might just use it to her advantage.” says Clarke. Close sources of the show say that Amanda’s not done with Alex by a long shot. In fact, she’s going to keep digging into the her past, no matter what it takes. Now the bright side is, we’ll get to see Amanda in action, the downside: to what extent is Amanda going to go to get the truth out of Alex.

“The show has established that everyone has a different fighting style and Amanda is one of these people who doesn’t waste her time and energy on things that she doesn’t need to. We’ll see some physical stuff coming up for her, but everything Amanda does is elegant and efficient — and the fighting will be the same.” she continues.

No word on who she’ll face-off with, but I’d say that Alex, Nikita (Maggie Q) and maybe even Michael (Shane West) are all safe bets.

Source: TVLine