‘Nikita’: Guest Starring And Finale News

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March 18, 2011

Keep reading to find out who’s guest starring in an upcoming episode of Nikita and some finale spoilers. Remember, Nikita returns April 7 at 9/8c on the CW!

Starting with the guest starring news, Rich Sommer (Mad Men) is set to play Malcolm Mitchell, an electrical engineer and CIA consultant who comes to Nikita’s aid near the end of the first season of Nikita. Maggie Q’s rogue agent recruits Malcolm to help her break into Percy’s and Division’s black boxes once and for all. The Mad Men star will appear in Episodes 21 and 22 of Nikita, as part of an exciting two-episode arc that leads the series into game-changing finale territory. Excited to see Sommer on Nikita?

Now for some finale spoilers. Amanda (Melinda Clarke) will become a more important character as the season comes to an end. Now if Nikita is renewed for another season, you should look for some existing regulars to slowly become more prominent, namely the people at Division, who each have their own dark past.

Do you want Nikita to be renewed?

Source: TVLine

  • webb29

    I’m ADDICTED to MIKITA!!!!!! I’m a loyal fan so yes I won’t a season 2!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    YESS Please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yesi008

    OMG!!! I love Nikita!!!

  • Ana Udinov

    É claro que quero uma segunda temproada! E também quero uma terceira, uma quarta e uma quinta!
    A CW não pode nos deixar na mão desse jeito! Principalmente agora que a história está tão emocionante!

  • Monalisa

    I will be utterly devastated if it doesn’t get renewed!

  • Monalisa

    I will be utterly devastated if it doesn’t get renewed!