Five Reasons To Watch Tonight's Nikita Season 1 Finale "Pandora"

Here's five reasons you shouldn't miss tonight's season 1 finale of Nikita!

Now according to the CW's episode synopsis: "In an explosive season finale, Percy makes a move to take over the CIA, Alex goes rogue, and Michael gets trapped inside Division making him unable to help Nikita, who may have to pay with her life for helping Alex". Well I hear that that doesn't even begin to describe this finale.

So here's five reasons you shouldn't miss the finale tonight according to Zap2it.

Meet Oversight:

  • The shadowy organization that runs Division makes its first appearance tonight and we start learning more about the people who helped put Percy in the position he's currently in, as well as their thoughts on his trouble-making black boxes.
  • The introduction of Oversight broadens the scope of the show and puts Division into a context we haven't previously seen.

Percy Is Full of Surprises:

  • As the synopsis says, Percy tries to take over the CIA (and this is where Oversight comes in).
  • Percy has grander ambitions than just running his shadowy group of assassins.
  • For those of you who thought the man might have simply sat by while Nikita and Alex systematically dismantled all that he built, you'll be in for a shock.
  • Percy is a hell of a lot smarter than we may have given him credit for.

A Balanced Cast:

  • Everyone gets equal screen time.
  • 'Nikita' has a very talented supporting cast - particularly with Melinda Clarke as Amanda.
  • This episode gives absolutely everyone in the cast - including guest stars like Ryan and Malcolm - the time and attention they deserve.
  • Moreover, all of their roles made sense within the broader story - no one feels like they're appearing just for the sake of it.

Shifting Alliances - Who Can We Trust?:

  • 'Nikita' is a show that is not afraid to shock us.
  • This show also doesn't mind the characters shifting their alliances.
  • Tonight's season finale has a few twists and turns that you will most definitely enjoy, including some characters who defy the wishes of those closest to them.

Season 2 Set Up:

  • After seeing tonight's finale, you'll definitely want it to be renewed.
  • I can tell you that there's no cliffhanger - per se.
  • This season's storyline do get wrapped up.
  • For fans who have been wondering, yes, there are resolutions to some main issues that arose in the previous episode.
  • But the writers carefully set up the potential storylines for season 2...storylines that you will want to see explored, because it opens up a whole new level of possibilities we haven't yet seen on Nikita.

So who's tuning in for tonight's season finale of 'Nikita'!