Nikita Exclusive Spoilers: Meet Ari Tasarov’s Son!

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December 3, 2012

In Nikita season 3 episode 13, the son of Gogol leader Ari Tasarov will make an appearance.

Meet Stefan, your typical teenage boy who likes to impress the ladies. Like most rich kids who has a dangerous dad, you will see him with his body guard/butler named Krieg. Stefan doesn’t know about his father’s criminal inclination with Gogol (Russian Criminal Organization headed by Ari Tasarov).

However, things will finally be revealed when a failed assassination attempt on his life surfaces into the picture. He learns that Krieg is actually a trained mercenary hired by his father for his protection. When Stefan gets abducted, Krieg holds Amanda and Nikita for interrogation.

Source: Spoilers Guide — Nikita