Nikita Episode 22 “Pandora” New Trailer & Sneak Peek

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May 6, 2011

Check out the new trailer and sneak peek of Nikita episode 22 “Pandora”!

Extended trailer:

Sneak Peek #1 – Michael had a visitor who has come to say goodbye.

Don’t miss the season finale of Nikita Thursday at 9/8c.

  • Ana Udinov

    Maybe Birkhoff will die? I thought it now.

  • Nelson1400

    o que significa 9/8c????

  • Nikita

    Hope Alex will dye after what she did to Nikita. But no such luck. She will live through this season and show up on the next again. Hopefully she is on the right side then. Nikita and Michael need need need to sty alive and a couple. Michael can’t loose another love….he would not make it and Nikita is just right for him. To Amanda and Percy…well. I’d love to find out how important Amanda really …is she just the “little” woman? Or is she the real leader of Division? Can’t wait to find out more…hopefully the second season stars soon <3