Nikita Episode 19 “Girl’s Best Friend” Promotional Photos

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April 14, 2011

Check out the promotional photos for some spoilers on episode 19 “Girl’s Best Friend” of Nikita!

( after photos, make sure you click here to read the official episode description as well )

Does this mean Jaden has graduated and is now an agent? Jaden and Alex working together, now that’s going to be intense!

  • eva matthews

    where r all the nikita and michael photos??? p.s. love the dress on alex and wow jaden looks really pretty although sometimes it looks like her dress is either blue or green! oh and is this jaden’s first kill?

  • Tyler

    Seems awesome Alex and Jaden working together. But I still need my Mikita fix.

  • eva matthews

    yeah what is up with jaden’s dress.. i thought i was going color blind but it sometimes blue or green