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Nikita Episode 18 "Into The Dark" Owen Is Back!

Nikita Episode 18 "Into The Dark" Owen Is Back!

During tonight's episode "Into the Dark" of Nikita, Owen (Devon Sawa) is back! Make sure to check out Nikita tonight at 9/8c on the CW to see how Owen stirs things up for Mikita.

Last time we saw Owen, he told Nikita (Maggie Q) that he was going to go off to London to get a head start on finding the next black box. But he’s been getting into some trouble. His mind has been clouding up, and he needs her help now.

says Sawa. He then adds,

Owen and Michael had only had one scene before together, and it was at a distance. The fans are really going to like it this time because it’s very tense, but Owen does take a couple of jabs at Michael. Mikita fans are not going to like that too much.

As for the tension between Michael and Owen, he explains

There might be a little bit of a spark between Nikita and Owen, though he did kill her fiancé Daniel. Plus, his head is really in another place right now. As far as Michael goes, I think there’s something deeper between the two [men]. Something must have happened in the past, and we just haven’t seen it yet. Maybe if I come back [again], we’ll get to explore it a bit.

Source: TVLine