Nikita Episode 17 “Covenants” Promo #3

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March 8, 2011

Check out the trailer for next episode of Nikita for some spoilers on what will be happening when the show’s back. Nikita returns April 7 at 9/8c on the CW!

The next episode picks up right where it left off!

“One moment, one kiss can change everything”

I bet this just made Mikita fans really happy!


    YES !!!!!!!!!

  • Ifyouleave

    OMG! Yeeeeeeyyyyyyy =D

  • mikitaforlife

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spoilers Guide

    That’s how you promote a show on wait ;) really unexpected scene .. wonder when it’ll happen as the last scene in episode 16 was Michael sitting in the apartment

  • Mikita

    this just made not my day but my month
    I am so excited they are amazing together

  • Courtney

    I am going to be so upset if this ends up being a dream or something. I love Michael and Nikita together!!!!

  • Emilie

    Wow! Can’t stop watching this clip. They look so amazing together!

  • Vicky

    It’s not a dream, it has to be true!!! I can’t hardly wait but with this scene the wait is gonna be worth it…

  • Vicky

    It’s not a dream, it has to be true!!! I can’t hardly wait but with this scene the wait is gonna be worth it…

  • Vicky

    Probably… Just to have us, the fans, wanting some more ;)

  • Bebach

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) I’m so happy!

  • Phoenix

    YESSSS!!!! well it’s about friggin’ time!

  • Beckizzenn

    YEEESSSS!!! Finally!! I have waited so long for this and I would have been satisfied with just a kiss,now I get a sex scen too ;) :D Can´t wait for this episode!

  • Ana-apso

    Sim sim sim sim! Mikita arrasa! Louca para Convents!

  • Zarahlovesdaisies

    weeehooo!! i’m loving this. cant wait!!!

  • Ana-apso

    É perfeito, né?
    Perdi meia hora de hoje só vendo e revendo…
    Alguém sabe o nome da música?
    Covenants já se tornou meu episódio preferido!

  • Hbwpoint001

    I want to call a bold prediction: Alex will die/be canceled in that episode.
    Anyone agree?

  • Spoilers Guide

    A lot of people watch the show because of certain characters, including Alex – something different and new in comparison to original series.

    They don’t want to lose viewers.

  • Hbwpoint001

    Of course not.

    However, consider Micheal’s stance. While he grudgingly works with Nikita from time to time, he has not really been loyal to her up til now. Therefore, what would make Micheal change his stance that much as to say he is with her 100%.

    Also, notice that at the beginning both of them appear really sad. Micheal’s sadness COULD be chalked up to not realizing what he had, yadda yadda, etc, but why is Nikita sad? Nikita is staring at an blank/off monitor lost in her thoughts.

    I think that when Micheal says “You are going to regret this” in Promo 2, he is talking to Percy and when Nikita says “One of us will” she might be talking to Micheal, but I think she also may be talking to Percy.

    Finally, notice how Alex’s screen time in the promo is really limited. Now that may be a writer’s trick, but I do not think so.

  • Spoilers Guide

    Nice observation but I think Michael’s mood in the promo is more because of Kasim…as he appears again

    I just don’t believe it, it would be a really weird thing to do now as Alex’s storyline is just getting interesting ( her dad’s empire, she learning more about herself etc.)

  • Babygirlbkm

    im so excited for the next episode! i just watched this clip like 50 times n i cant believe it! Finally, they might be together!!!! :)

  • Babygirlbkm

    does anyone know the name of the song?

  • eva matthews

    im pretty sure its real because nikita’s new covenant photos were just released with michael and nikita in flashbacks when she was no longer a recruit.. n now michael says he wished he had just listened to her 5 years ago.. c the connection ;)