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Nikita Episode 11 "All The Way" What To Expect From Tonight's Episode...

Check out this trailer and some spoilers on what to expect from tonight's episode of Nikita which airs at 9/8c on the CW!

Trailer #2:

Don't be fooled by the trailer above. Big things are about to go down during tonight's episode of Nikita. Here's what I know about tonight's episode:

  • Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) gets another chance at a mission. She will be posing as a photographer and the assistant to a wedding planner, but really she's supposed to get to the leader of a crime syndicate.
  • As usual, Nikita (Maggie Q) helps her from the outside, but the mission is compromised in a surprising way, causing some desperate measures to be taken.
  • Michael gives his opinion on women's fashion.
  • Flashbacks of Alex and Nikita pre-Division mole operation.
  • That wedding planner looks an awful like Robin Givens.
  • Birkhoff finally earns his keep.
  • Thom is back, looking dapper in a suit and gives Alex a pep talk.
  • Jaden comes on to Thom (again). He rebuffs her (again).
  • Alex gets violent on her mission.
  • Nikita gets inside Division.
  • Amanda is her warm and charming self.
  • Nikita makes a reference to BP.
  • The recruits get a really hard workout.
  • You might feel like crying.

Should be an intensely amazing episode!

Source: Zap2it