Nikita Amanda's Background And Behind The Scenes

Check out when Melinda Clarke (Amanda) has to say about exploring Amanda's past on Nikita; as well as a an amazing behind the scenes video of how they attempt some of the stunts on Nikita.

First off, Clarke says that there "absolutely" are plans to explore Amanda’s (probably dark and twisty) past. Here comes the catch, you might have to wait until season 2. “I think that there’s been tiny little moments of it, but the writers definitely have consciously not explored Amanda’s past too much. All of these things should and will be explored, assuming we’re fortunate enough to have future seasons.” continues Clarke. We don't know the fate of the show just yet, but I'll let you know when the CW decides.

Now check out this behind-the-scenes video:
Pretty amazing stuff right?

Unfortunately, Nikita is on a hiatus until April 7 but I'll keep you updated on spoilers as I get them!

Source: EW