Nikita Alex On The Outside: A Good Or Bad Thing?

Nikita Alex On The Outside: A Good Or Bad Thing?

During the last episode, we saw Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) become an agent; but is that a good or bad thing? Does it actually help Nikita. Keep reading for some spoilers on how that changes things for Nikita according to Maggie Q!

Maggie Q doesn't believe that Alex being on the outside helps Nikita. "In fact, it’s going to make her life more difficult. She got promoted too early, which created a complication for them. Nikita trained her well, but too well. Nikita worried about this, that if she didn’t understand the role she was playing she would prematurely move to a level that she wasn’t ready for. Now that Alex is on the outside, it doesn’t mean they can work together, since she’s being monitored."

Maggie tells us about what's coming up for Michael and Nikita. There will be a Nikita-Michael scene soon where Nikita has to fight a bunch of guys in a Turkish bath.

On another note, Michael will eventually start to figure out that something isn't right with Alex.

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Source: TVLine