Nikita A Possible Game-Changer?

Keep reading on some spoilers on how Nikita will possibly be changing direction for the remainder of the season! Make sure you tune in every Thursday at 9/8c on the CW for an all-new Nikita!

In a recent interview with Shane West (Michael), TVLine learned exclusively that the show might be changing direction from how it began. “I just discovered how the season is technically going to end, although we have six episodes [left] to shoot and I don’t know what’s going to happen in each [one]. But if it ends the way they want it to, it’s certainly not going to be at all how it started." That means a game-changer, right? “I believe that Jayden, played by Tiffany Hines, will graduate [to agent] sometime soon. They’re getting out of the recruit stuff, so we can get out of Division. It opens up the show to more possibilities [next season].” West continues.

Like the way Nikita is headed? Excited to see what's coming up? What do you think about Jayden graduating? Comment away!

Source: TVLine