‘Nikita’: A Bumpy Road For Mikita

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March 23, 2011

Keep reading for some spoilers one of TV’s greatest non-couple, Mikita!

In a recent interview with Shane West (Michael), West says that there were always plans for Mikita to be the centralized couple, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing. “Everything has been so fast paced. I know the writers have the basis of Michael and Nikita being essentially this love story that was very prevalent in the Peta Wilson Nikita,” he explains. “But Maggie Q and I heard that people might come and go to mess with the potential of that relationship.” Now that sounds like trouble!

As for other Nikita news, we’re told to keep our eyes on Amanda during the season 1 finale of Nikita. I wonder what Amanda will do next!

Source: E!Online