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Night Shift

Season 4 Episode 10


Air Date: 08/31/2017

A shooting at a nearby college sends TC, Jordan, Drew and Amira into the field...

Season 4 Episode 9

Land of the Free

Air Date: 08/24/2017

TC and Jordan accompany a SWAT team on a raid and wind up with an emergency room full of sickened immigrants, including one with murderous intentions....

Season 4 Episode 8


Air Date: 08/17/2017

When Jordan realizes the hospital is under cyber-attack, she leads the team in managing patient care as chaos ensues....

Season 4 Episode 7

Keep the Faith

Air Date: 08/10/2017

When protestors descend on a funeral for a dear member of the night shift family, multiple veterans are injured and brought to San Antonio Memorial for treatment....

Season 4 Episode 6

Family Matters

Air Date: 07/27/2017

Kenny joins Drew at his MMA veteran's support group and finds himself in the fight of his life....

Season 4 Episode 5


Air Date: 07/20/2017

Drew, his mom, and Rick's flight home turns into a medical crisis...

Season 4 Episode 4


Air Date: 07/13/2017

When a patient from a distant town journeys to SAM for surgery, Scott commits to helping her against all odds....

Season 4 Episode 3

Do No Harm

Air Date: 07/06/2017

Jordan and Cain figure out their professional dynamic as they work on a patient with extreme injuries from an oil field explosion....

Season 4 Episode 2

Off the Rails

Air Date: 06/29/2017

After performing a daring on-site rescue to save a teenage girl, Drew is forced to re-evaluate his priorities as a new father...

Season 4 Episode 1


Air Date: 06/22/2017

Jordan and Drew perform a daring rescue by jumping from a chopper....

Season 3 Episode 13

Burned (Season Finale)

Air Date: 08/31/2016

Scott and Jordan must perform surgery in the field as the burning wildfire gains intensity around them...

Season 3 Episode 12


Air Date: 08/24/2016

Scott and Jordan face grave danger during a rescue mission at a rapidly spreading wildfire outside San Antonio....

Season 3 Episode 11

Trust Issues

Air Date: 08/03/2016

TC initiates a bar brawl, landing him and Drew (Brendan Fehr) in jail for the night...

Season 3 Episode 10

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Air Date: 08/03/2016

TC and Paul pull out all the stops when a crane collapses on a worker at a busy construction site...

Season 3 Episode 9


Air Date: 07/27/2016

When a bomb explodes outside the hospital, TC, Topher and Drew are forced to make the tough decision to stay and treat the injured or evacuate and begin transfers to nearby hospitals...

Season 3 Episode 8

All In

Air Date: 07/13/2016

Topher's mother arrives in the ER with life-threatening symptoms...

Season 3 Episode 7

By Dawn's Early Light

Air Date: 07/06/2016

TC and Topher rush to the scene of a concert where a fireworks explosion has caused massive chaos. As the two jump in to manage the mess, a second explosion causes problems for one of our own...

Season 3 Episode 6

Hot In The City

Air Date: 06/29/2016

Shannon and Jordan venture out for some fun at a local wrestling event only to find themselves treating people on site when a fight breaks out amongst the audience...

Season 3 Episode 5

Get Busy Livin'

Air Date: 06/29/2016

A college co-ed falls from a balcony and once she is in the ER, TC and Paul find that her situation is even more complex....

Season 3 Episode 4


Air Date: 06/22/2016

Racial protests over an impending jury verdict wreak havoc for the night shift at San Antonio Memorial...

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