Secret Circle Spoilers Detailed Casting Call, Plus Filming Will Begin...

Secret Circle Spoilers Detailed Casting Call, Plus Filming Will Begin...

I spoiled earlier that Britt Robinson has been cast in the lead role of Cassie Blake for the CW's new pilot "Secret Circle" and that Writer/Producer Sara Fain has been in Vancouver scouting locales. Now, thanks to MovieHole I have a spoilery casting call for several of the main characters; shooting for the "Secret Circle" pilot will begin March 24th.

Boy-next-door handsome, Adam is 19 years old and the oldest member of the coven. When Cassie finds herself in danger, Adam steps in to save her. He explains the history of the town and the coven and is the first person to show Cassie the wonder of magic and what she’s capable of. Despite his long term relationship with Diana, Adam can’t deny his attraction to Cassie…SERIES REGULAR; ALL EPISODES PRODUCED

18 years old, smart and a classic beauty. Diana makes a concerted effort to welcome Cassie to New Salem, and treats her with a friendliness that Cassie finds infectious. The leader of the coven, Diana is determined to use magic for good. Although Diana wants Cassie to join the coven, she’s willing to wait until Cassie’s ready. Diana’s in love with Adam and can’t imagine anything tearing them apart…SERIES REGULAR; ALL EPISODES PRODUCED

17 and stylishly sexy, Faye is a sharp-eyed young woman who can play the danger card — and will. A member of the coven, Faye is unpredictable and has no problem using magic for her own selfish desires– even if it’s against the rules. The daughter of Vice Principal Dawn Chamberlain, Faye is sleeping with Nick Armstrong. She is the first to recognize the attraction between Cassie and Adam and will use it to her manipulative advantage in a power struggle with Diana…SERIES REGULAR; ALL EPISODES PRODUCED

17, cool with bad boy good looks and a great physique (and he knows it), Nick lives across the street from Cassie and Jane, and he’s shameless about spying on her. He and Faye are friends-with-benefits – but Nick may be ready to trade up from Faye to Cassie. But is his interest genuine, or just another subtle form of manipulation… SERIES REGULAR; (10 OF 13 EPISODES)