Secret Circle Spoilers Character Details Galore

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February 18, 2011

Earlier I spoiled that LUX Star Britt Robinson had been cast in the CW Pilot “Secret Circle”. Now, thanks to KsiteTV, I have some spoilery character descriptions to share :).

Cassie Blake – I’m imagining this is the main character. Her mother died in a fire and she’s recently moved into town. She does not know her father. She has a book that says “The Circle” and there are several names written on it. This is probably the role Britt Robertson is playing.
Faye Chamberlain – Her mother is the red-haired Vice Principal of the school. She doesn’t make a very good first impression on Cassie, and apologizes for it.
Dawn Chamberlain – Faye’s mom. Vice-Principal. She knew Cassie’s mother. She has a friend Jane who seems to know about the history of witchcraft in the area.
Diana – She’s one of the first friends Cassie makes. Another neighbor. She hangs out with Faye and they both share secrets. (of course!)
Adam – Cassie tells this character about the book of witchcraft that she has. He tells her to put it away and keep it a secret. He seems very sure of what he’s talking about, and it seems he is one of the Circle.
Nick Armstrong – Cassie just moved into his neighborhood. He talks about her as if she is attractive and sounds like a bit of a peeping Tom.

Other roles are also involved, such as “Sally Waltman,” “Thomas,” and “Melissa.” Fans of the books surely would have a better idea of what’s going on, but what we’re hearing sounds very good.

  • AmDi30610

    From what I can tell they’ve changed the storyline of this book, like in the  Vampire Diaries. Cassie’s mom is not dead for one and Faye’s mom is so not the vice principal. Nick actually ignores Cassie at first and Faye w/ the help of Deborah & Suzan (other circle members) scare Cassie in an old science building by starting a fire w/ magic. Diana saves Cassie from them and her and Faye may be cousins but don’t share secrets. They are actually in a power struggle for leadership. Adam is met before any other circle member because before her and her mother go to her grandmothers she sees Adam on the beach while on vacation and saves him from some college guys that wanted to hurt him. And her book about “The Circle” doesn’t even make an appearance until like the last book.