Secret Circle Spoilers Brittany Robertson Cast In CW Pilot

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February 17, 2011

According to Inside TV Brittany Robertson, Life Unexpected star, has been cast in the promising supernatural pilot, “Secret Circle”. Creator and EP of “The Vampire Diaries”, Kevin Williamson, helped develop the pilot and is on board for the series if it’s picked up by the CW.

The casting is in “second position” to Robertson’s starring role on Life Unexpected, which is on the bubble for renewal. The CW has not yet decided on the show’s fate and casting actors in a new project when their current series is still part on a network’s lineup is increasingly common this time of year. Still, the casting could in theory impact the fate of Unexpected if The CW loves the Secret Circle pilot (and Robertson in it), and decides that new project is a better fit than Unexpected for one of its fall slots.