Secret Circle Pilot Spoilers Character And Casting News; A Mom And A Villian(?)

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February 24, 2011

I have some additional character and casting spoilers to share with the rising “Secret Circle” fandom. Thanks to KsiteTV we have a description of Amelia Blake, Cassie (Britt Robinson)’s mom and info on a new character named Thomas Meade, who may be a villain.

Amelia Blake is Cassie (Britt Robertson)’s mom. An earlier scene in the pilot has Cassie calling her mom from her broken-down car, only to be cut off by static. This might be the last time the two of them speak. One of the later acts of the pilot has Cassie reading a letter from her mother, who is now “gone” (take from that what you will), telling her that her destiny is hard to avoid and that she didn’t want her daughter to have this life. The entire letter is “read” as a voiceover during those moments in various scenes near the end.

Thomas Meade doesn’t approve that Ethan Conant, who we’re assuming is a member of one of the families of witches, drinks a lot; and when he drinks a lot, he talks a lot. He confronts Ethan at the Boathouse Bar & Grill and has a rather lethal way of dealing with his displeasure of Ethan’s behavior.
Thomas knows and interacts with Dawn.