CW To Pick-up ‘The Secret Circle’, Plus Kevin Williamson On Britt And Thomas’s Incredible Chemistry

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May 17, 2011

On te Supernatural front Variety is reporting that the CW has made its first pick-ups for the Fall season and Secret Circle made the cut! The CW will officially present their upfronts on Thursday, but showrunner/co-creator Kevin Williamson has already commented on his hot new series that just recieved a full order.

“Brittany and Thomas Dekker are so good! I was shocked because he wasn’t interested in doing a TV show, much less a CW show. He’s an indie, quirky film guy – but Thomas is really, really good on this show. We were on-set saying that he turned out even better than we thought. He and Brittany together have incredible chemistry. It’s fun.” Williamson spoils.

Source: NY Post

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    I was hoping Secret Circle was avail now that Circles is on Google+