ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Guide And Preview

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May 17, 2011

Check out the guide and preview of ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’!

  • Charlie’s Angels will air Thursdays this Fall, 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance — even a thief, a street racer and a cop who got in a little too deep. After all, the three women who solve cases for their elusive boss, Charlie Townsend, are no saints. They’re angels… Charlie’s Angels.
  • Set in Miami, this fun, glamorous, action-packed take on the 1970s smash hit series introduces us to three new angels, all fearless detectives, head-turning beauties and close friends.
  • There’s Abby (Rachael Taylor), a Park Avenue princess who became a world-class thief.
  • Then there’s Kate (Annie Ilonzeh), a Miami cop who fell from grace, losing both her career and her fiancé.
  • Finally there’s Gloria, a disgraced army lieutenant who has a way with explosives.
  • When one of the angels’ missions ends in Gloria’s tragic death, Charlie persuades them to partner with Gloria’s childhood friend, Eve (Minka Kelly), a street racer with a mysterious past. They may not know each other yet, but one thing’s for sure — Abby, Kate and Eve will always have each others’ backs.
  • “Charlie’s Angels” stars Annie Ilonzeh (“General Hospital”) as Kate Prince, Minka Kelly (“Parenthood,” “Friday Night Lights”) as Eve, Rachael Taylor (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as Abby Sampson and Ramon Rodriguez (“The Wire,” “Daybreak”) as Bosley.


Thoughts? Will it be as good as the Charlie’s Angels movies?

  • Jessica

    While it does not have the all-star cast like the movies, I think if this is done well, it can be successful. It’s always tough remaking movies or television shows, or heck even making a good movie or show from a book, and I hope they realize that. 

    I am personally looking forward to this show, seeing as how I was too young (or not even born) when the original series aired. I’m surprised that it’s not higher on this list of the most anticipated 2011 fall shows but I guess it just needs more voters, or maybe more voters that want to watch the show, LOL.