New Girl Spoilers: What happens next if the series comes back for season 7?

New Girl Spoilers: What happens next if the series comes back for season 7?

New Girl bosses Brett Baer and Dave Finkel offered their initial plans for season 7, should FOX officially renews the comedy series for the 2017-2018 TV season. 


Get the spoilers: 


Obviously, Jess and Nick ended where they ended and we want to look at that and figure out how to make that play in some more interesting way.

I think there’s still stuff that has to be done with all the characters. Nick, as an example, has grown so much and gotten to a place where he’s become sorta successful. He’s the one character over the course of the series that I think required the most growth and where he is now is exciting, but I don’t think we’ve mined as much as we could possibly mine out of it. In a world where Schmidt and Cece and Winston and Jess have all sort of found the thing that they’ve been looking for, at least in their work lives, that Nick’s still on his road is interesting. I think there’s a lot of fun to be had there.


For me, because Winston’s story this year really surrounded the engagement and his relationship with Aly, I would like to get back to doing some more work stories for Winston.

I’d like to see what he’s like getting promoted at work and becoming a detective — I think that would be fun. I think that it’d be really, really fun — the way that it was fun to see Schmidt as a bridezilla — to see Schmidt as a helicopter daddy for his child and see what he’s like as a father. When you talk about the full evolution of a character, going from the douchebag jar and taking his shirt off during the interview with Jess in the pilot, to a guy who’s now married and in a wonderful relationship living in his own home and facing parenthood — I think those are fun things to play with as well.


Addressing whether Tuesday's episode was the season finale or the series finale, creator Liz Meriwhether said that everything is up to the network at this point. 

We were told to prepare for both versions, so we decided to create a finale that we would be happy with either way — and just hope for a season seven.

It's tricky. We wanted to end the show in a way that made sense for the fans and us, but also leave the door open for another season. If I had known this was definitely the end, I don't know that everything would be exactly the same in the episode. But I feel like we did a good job in the situation that we were in.

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