New Girl Spoilers via PaleyFest and More! Schmidt and Cece Get Busted

New Girl Spoilers via PaleyFest and More! Schmidt and Cece Get Busted

It's no secret to us that Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece (Hannah Simone) are doing it - and will continue to do it, although poor Cece has no clue why (gotta be the cheese). While it is a secret to the rest of the New Girl cast of characters, it won't be for long. Because somebody's about to find out about Cece's dirty little secret.

“It does eventually come out to all the other roommates, which is dramatic, to say the least,” Greenfield dishes. “[They react with] a gambit of emotions, really. It’s a little shock, sadness, anger, disbelief, laughter. They go through everything.”

And no one's going to be more shocked, sad, angry and disbelieved than Cece's bestie:

"It’s a very interesting, wonderful episode when they find out because I feel like that was a big betrayal,” Simone says. “It’s the first time you see [Jess and Cece's] friendship go through a bit of a complicated situation."

That's not all that's going to be going down in this loft. It might be in its freshman season, but New Girl still has a whole lot more going on. Check out these spoilers straight from the cast during their panel at PaleyFest:

  • Hannah Simone:
    "We shot something a couple weeks ago where Max sings a little bit in front of Cece. I felt like it was my hardest day of work in my life to not ruin the take and laugh through it because he kept making up lyrics. I call him unprofessionally funny because he will always make me break every take."

  • Zooey Deschanel:
    "Dermot [Mulroney] plays the father of a student in the class I teach, my sixth grade class. He is sophisticated and debonair and fancy and he like, engages me in playful banter and that was good. We end up starting a little thing, a little something-something over the course of some episodes."

  • Jake Johnson:
    "I think Nick falls in love with him...Russell sweeps Nick Miller off his feet. What's surprising is his opinion of and relationship with Dermot Mulroney's character. He spends a lot of time with him."

  • Lamorne Morris:
    My character is going to get a job at a radio station as a sports talk-radio guy. My boss, [played by] Phil Hendrie, treats me like crap and is an absolute d—. It’s pretty funny.”

  • Max Greenfield:
    "Every once in a while I'll put on a shirt to play Schmidt and go, 'Man, this is too tight.' I finally built up the confidence to sometimes say, 'You know what? This is too much. I'm not wearing this today.' There was a magenta number they tried to put me in. I was like, 'Nope.' It was a blouse, a small blouse. I would not do it. It was a half-shirt. But there's a turquoise one that comes up. That thing was like spandex."

In addition to all that, we can expect to see Nick getting a new love interest that surprised even Jake Johnson, the return of Justin Long as Jess' teacher love interest Paul, and...Jess eating like a turtle?

"I spent a lot of time on the San Isidro Islands growing up and these tortoises lived next door to me. But the tortoises have an amazing way of eating, and so I got to bring that into the show and that was cool. My sister and I would do that for hours, like, 'Eat yogurt like a turtle! Eat oatmeal like a turtle!' It'll all fall out of their mouths. They eat so slowly."

Kind of like me. Be sure to digest those spoilers slowly, there's a ton of them. Oh, and if you want to share in the hilarity, you can check out the full New Girl panel from PaleyFest right here. Then head to the comments and get excited about what's coming up next!

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