New Girl Season 3 Spoilers: The Guys Screw Up...Except Winston

New Girl Season 3 Spoilers: The Guys Screw Up...Except Winston

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We all know the New Girl guys aren't perfect, and Zooey Deschanel's Jess is just starting to figure out that Nick isn't so perfect either...even if they are dating now.

Unreality Primetime talked with the cast of New Girl, and let's just say the guys are...kind of screwing things up this season.

Jake Johnson who plays Nick adds: “In the first episode back of season three, Nick is with Jess and you think everything is going to go great… but it isn’t!

Nick screws it up! The first chance he finally gets to be with a girl, he does everything wrong – he gets arrested and just really blows it.”

Hannah Simone (Cece) couldn't agree more...about Max Greenfield's Schmidt.

“Schmidt is kind of juggling his relationship with Cece and Elizabeth. You think that they’re finally going to be able to have a relationship. Smooth sailing…but Schmidt, as he’s prone to do, screws it up”.

Winston on the other hand, is...losing his mind? According to actor Lamorne Morris, Winston will be messing around with puzzles in season 3. (Is he talking about actual puzzles?) Oh yeah, and Winston kind of likes that Nick and Jess are dating now.

Lamorne Morris who plays Winston says: “Winston is kind of warming up to the fact that Nick and Jess are in a relationship. Schmidt is not… Schmidt hates it!

“Schmidt’s kind of battling these demons of Elizabeth or Cece and Winston’s unusually engaged in puzzles. Winston is losing his mind a little bit”.

Will be interesting to see how the guys react this season, right? (What do you think, will Winston will join the club at some point and "screw up", too?)