New Girl Season 3 Spoilers: Schmidt’s Mojo is Challenged

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September 4, 2013

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This season on New Girl, Max Greenfield’s Schmidt will have his hands full enough with choosing between Cece (Hannah Simone) and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever). But more than confronting the two women in his life, TVLine spoils that Schmidt’s biggest confrontation in season 3 will actually be with himself.

Schmidt will find himself somewhat mojo-challenged in Season 3. “He’s going to slide a little bit and not be so on top of his game,” reveals exec producer Dave Finkel. Adds fellow EP Brett Baer: “He’s definitely on a journey to figure himself out this season. He’s going to be forced to confront himself, and get in touch with the little guy inside of him.” To that end, viewers will likely meet “some of his family members in the second half of the season,” Baer confirms. “You’ll get a vision of what his childhood and homelife were like growing up, the way we did with Nick last year.”

Think with all the family around, we’ll finally get to learn Schmidt’s full name? Maybe-maybe?