New Girl Season 3 Spoiler: Taye Diggs Guest Stars as Artie

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September 24, 2013

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Zap2It and The Hollywood Reporter both report that Taye Diggs (Chicago, Private Practice) will make a guest appearance this season on New Girl – as a guy trying to steal Jess away from Nick. (Uh-oh….)

Diggs will play a character named Artie in episode 7 of the current Season 3 and is expected to appear in just the one episode. The Hollywood Reporter describes Artie as a “smooth, confident ladies’ man” who sees Jess as potential dating material.

Episode 7 of season 3 – appropriately titled “Coach” – is also the episode where Coach (Damon Wayans’ Jr.) will make his reappearance for the first time since the New Girl Pilot.

Do you think Taye Diggs’ character will be able to get inside Jess’ head, or will she be immune to his charms now that she and Nick are together? (And how do you think Nick will react!)