New Girl Season 3 Spoiler: Nick Can’t Be at the Bar! Poor Cece?

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January 17, 2014

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Hannah Simone (Cece) recently caught up with TVLine and, unfortunately, had no upcoming spoilers to offer up about her character and Max Greenfield’s Schmidt – she did however, have some solo Cece scoop:

A great episode is coming up where Nick can’t be at the bar, so Cece has to work with the manager, played by Ben Falcone, and that is really funny, because he’s a little tough on her! All while Cece is trying to do her best at a job she’s not very good at.”

Do you think Cece will be able to rise to the occasion during Nick’s absence, or will it be too much for her? (And is this the episode in question (“Birthday”) where Schmidt ends up helping Cece at the bar? Think Hannah gave us some roundabout Schmidt-Cece scoop?)