New Girl Season 3 Spoiler: Jess Tries to Fit in with the “Cool Crowd”

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August 9, 2013

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According to TVLine, Jess’ new teaching job in season 3 will probably leave her feeling a bit of déjà vu as she faces a “cool crowd” faculty staff that includes two “mean girls”. Yikes.

I just wanted to know if we will see New Girl’s Jess in that new teaching job. Curtis Armstrong and Mary Lynn Rajskub were hilarious last season. –Emily
Jess definitely will have a new teaching job early this season – one that finds her struggling to fit in with a “cool crowd” of fellow educators, including two “mean girl” types who resent her goody-two-shoes ‘tude and one alcoholic science nerd.

And we know Jess’ “goody-two-shoes ‘tude” is definitely bait for the “cool crowd”, “mean girls”, and an “alcoholic science nerd”. What kind of teaching job do you think Jess will have early this season?