New Girl Season 3 Halloween Spoiler: Schmidt Faces the Ramifications of Two-Timing Cece

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October 16, 2013

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We’ve heard that Max Greenfield’s Schmidt will be part of the focal point of New Girl‘s Halloween episode this season, but did you know that Fat Schmidt will also be involved in the Halloween episode? Yeah.

TV Guide spoils some details on just what Halloween at the loft is going to mean for Schmidt this year, after losing Hannah Simone’s Cece because of his Schmidt-ananigans.

“Fat Schmidt returns! We’ll see flashbacks to Schmidt’s heavier days in the Halloween episode, which features Schmidt really having to face the ramifications of two-timing Cece. “Because Jess is best friends with Cece, they’re going to obviously spend holidays together, so Schmidt finds himself in a situation where it’s like, ‘I guess you’re going to have a party at the house and Cece is going to be there, and I’m not supposed to be there? I really don’t understand how that’s supposed to work,’” Max Greenfield says. “So we find ourselves in a bind. It takes a real turn.” As for Halloween, Greenfield teases that Michael Keaton is involved, though he won’t actually appear in the episode.”

Will be interesting to see Schmidt’s character explored a little bit more during New Girl‘s season 3, don’t you think? (In non-Schmidt-related New Girl news…excited for the Halloween episode??)