New Girl Season 3 Episode 7 “Coach” Spoilers: Coach Takes the Guys to a Strip Club!

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November 4, 2013

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Damon Wayans Jr.’s Coach is back on New Girl! In season 3′s episode 7, “Coach”, Coach returns to the loft…and doesn’t remember somebody. (No, it isn’t Winston.)

Damon Wayans Jr: “With Nick it’s like old times, with [Schmidt] old times, Winston old times…but [Coach] doesn’t remember Jess. Which is kind of hilarious to me. He keeps calling her the wrong name.”

But what Coach does remember is how to party! E! Online shared some spoilers on Coach’s comeback – which includes him taking the guys to a strip club. And according to Coach, they’re not leaving “’till the sun comes up”.

Damon Wayans Jr: “Pretty much the entire strip club scene [is my favorite scene]…. There’s one point I start curling a stripper. It’s really funny to see, but it was kind of hard to shoot because I had to keep doing it. I’m buff, but I’m not that buff.”

But as both Damon Wayans Jr. and Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt, let us in on…the guys just aren’t up for Coach and his partying. Which is kind of hilarious to me.

“I’m the party-starter in this episode, and I just keep trying to have as much fun as possible…[The guys] keep trying to find different ways to get me out of there. It just makes me want to stay longer and get more girls sitting on my lap.”

Max Greenfield:Schmidt and Nick want to be there for Coach and want to party, but at the same time, are very tired, and this guy is a real animal.”

Are you as excited as I am to see Coach taking to curling strippers instead of weights?