New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Will Schmidt and Winston Find Out About the Kiss?

New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Will Schmidt and Winston Find Out About the Kiss?

Updated Spoilers! Zap2It spoils that when Winston finds out "the kiss", he'll punch Nick in the nether-regions!

"Next week's episode deals with the fall-out from Nick and Jess's heart-stopping, epic kiss. Let's just say that neither of them handles the consequences very well, but Winston's reaction might be the best -- after he finds out about the smooch, he punches Nick in the, uh, genitalia."


Updated Spoiler! When Schmiddt and Winston do find out about Nick and Jess, Schmidt kindly reminds them of the "'no nail' oath". Yes, it's what it sounds like. Check out this spoiler from New Girl creator, Liz Meriwether on TV Fanatic:

On the February 12 installment, "Schmidt digs up a 'no nail' oath they all took when she moved into the loft where they all agreed not to nail her.

"Obviously Jess is mad about it and Schmidt is just dealing with the fact that the loft dynamics have changed in his view. It’s been fun to write because it’s definitely forced all the characters in to really strong positions, and instead of taking any tension out of the series, I think it’s really actually ignited it and helped us focus it."

Do you think Schmidt's "no nail" oath will deter Jess or just make her want Nick even more?

With the aftermath of the big shocker of a Nick-Jess kiss in this week's episode, "Cooler", New Girl creator, Liz Meriwether chatted with TV Guide a bit about the kiss - and how this new development for Nick and Jess' relationship has actually given the show more life.

"There was worry that somehow if we brought them together some of the air was going to go out of the show. We're about to shoot Episode 19, so we're four episodes past this one, and it's the opposite. It's actually really helped us focus the show. It's just made it really exciting because there's this extra layer of subtext to everything they do. It's not just them jumping into a relationship. There are a lot of obstacles to that. But now it feels like Pandora's Box has been opened, in a good way. ... There are external obstacles, like she has a boyfriend and they live together, but there are a lot of internal obstacles for them. They're oil and water a little bit. They don't have a peaceful, happy relationship. They're always fighting and at each other's throats, so a lot of that is actually stirred up by the kiss. For the rest of the season, they're going to be dealing with a lot of those obstacles inside them, and also the fact that they're roommates."

So, here's the big question on all our minds...are Schmidt and Winston going to find out? Or is it not a matter of if but when?

Will other people find out about this kiss, because they're putting the whole roommate dynamic in danger?
"Yeah, that's definitely the feeling. I don't think Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) are super psyched about it."

Liz also revealed that the next episode - season 2 episode 16, "Marriage" - will be like a continuation of where "Cooler" left off, picking up that same night as the kiss. As for where that kiss will take the rest of the season - namely the end of the season...that's something Liz and the New Girl writers are still figuring out in the writer's room.

How do you think Schmidt and Winston will take this shift in Nick and Jess' relationship, once they find out?