New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Will Nick and Jess Kiss Again?

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February 6, 2013

After this week’s New Girl episode, “Table 34″, it sure might seem like Nick and Jess won’t be fueling the fire anytime soon – especially since Sam broke Jess’ heart by breaking up with her over “the kiss”.

But Michael Ausiello has just unleashed a pretty interesting spoiler about Nick and Jess’ “short-term future”.

“[Nick and Jess'] short-term future will involve more kissing. Their longer-term future will involve this complication [Nick's new love interest, Shane, to be played by Odette Annable].”

Whoa, more kissing?? How do you think Nick and Jess will wind up locking lips a second time?

Source: TVLine

  • AMD

    My money’s on, “to see if it meant anything.” Lolz

  • Tanya Marcy

    Hahaha! That’s exactly what I was thinking! :)

  • Dee

    I totally agree! It has to be a way that lets both of them easily backpedal and brush it off as not meaning anything. Just like they tried to do with the first kiss.

  • Tanya Marcy

    Yep Dee, you’re so right. Apparently we’re in for a lot more “push-and-pull” and “back and forth” before the season finale, lol.

  • jt

    After seeing ep 17, there is no saying it has no meaning…nick pretty much confessed that he has had feelings from the beginning. They would have kissed again if Schmidt hadn’t showed up!